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Pay Multiple

Average pay is based on full-time equivalent annual salary olus additional payments for Chief Officers. It excludes election fees "Lowest paid staff" is defined as those paid on National 'living...

Pay Multiple

This dataset contains a breakdown of pay dispersal within Blaby District Council for each financial year. The information is taken from our annual Pay Policy Statement and compares the highest...

Pay multiple

Hounslow Council pay multiple, defined as the ratio between the highest paid taxable earnings for the given year (including base salary, variable pay, bonuses, allowances and the cash value of any...

Pay Multiple

City of York Council's Pay Policy, including details on "pay multiple", which corresponds to the ratio between the highest and the median earnings figures of Council's whole workforce.

Junior staff pay dataset

Download the dataset of junior staff pay as it was on 1 April 2012.

Junior staff pay dataset

Download the dataset of junior staff pay as it was on 31 March 2011.

Senior staff pay dataset

Download the dataset of senior staff pay as it was on 31 March 2011.

Crown Prosecution Service non-consolidated performance related pay data

This data shows the non-consolidated Performance Related Payments (PRP) made to employees for each performance year 1 April to 31 March 2010-present.

BEIS Non-consolidated Performance Related Pay

Departments and their agencies are responsible for publishing aggregated information on their annual spend on non-consolidated performance related payments (in-year and end-year) for their staff...

Organogram and staff pay data for Department for Education

A list of most Senior Civil Service posts in the Department for Education including title, contact details, their line manager, and where disclosed, the name of the officer. Vacant posts are listed...

Non-consolidated Performance Related Pay - Defra

Publication of information on Non-consolidated Performance Related Pay data for departments and their agencies from performance year 2010-11.

National Minimum Wage in 2021

New rates of the National Living Wage (NLW) and National Minimum Wage (NMW) come into force on 1 April 2021. These follow recommendations made in the autumn by the Low Pay Commission (LPC). To mark...

Benchmarking pay data used for reports across civil service and private sector

Pay club data on Other Government Departments pay rates and private sector comparators. Updated: annually.

Rushmoor Pay Multiple

The ration between the highest and lowest paid employees at Rushmoor Borough Council

Gender Pay Gap

This covers all employees of Leicester City Council except those based in schools.  Included are all staff permanently and temporarily employed on the last day of the pay period.  This includes...

Pay and Display Parking

Pay and Display parking in the City of Nottingham.

TfGM Pay multiple

Data contains details of TfGM’s pay multiple, as required for publication to satisfy TfGM’s voluntary compliance with the Local Government Transparency Code 2015. (TfGM is not captured by the Code,...

Pay Policy Statement

Pay Policy Statement

Pay Policy Statement

This document contains the requirements as set out in the Local Government Transparency Code in relation to the Pay Multiple. The Pay Multiple is included in this document.

Pay Bands Northumberland

This dataset contains staff pay at all spinal points within each band from 2013 to present.