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Town Centre Boundaries

Area of a town that is within the town centre as defined on the Local Plan and within which new town centre related services and facilities would be expected to be.

Town Centre Boundaries

Dataset showing Town Centre boundaries as identified in Adopted Local Plan 2012-2031

Major Towns and Cities

Digital vector boundaries for Major Towns and Cities in England and Wales in 2015. The Major Towns and Cities (TCITY) statistical geography provides a precise definition of the major towns and...

Town and Village Greens

Data set of Town & Village Greens and Registered Common Land

Town Centre Redevelopment

This is a polygon dataset used to identify Town Centre Redevelopment and was part of the Adopted Replacement Local Plan (2005)

Town or Village Greens

Location of all Town or Village Greens within Sunderland. Data also contains information on date registered and also the Town/Village Green number

Town Centre Uses

Town Centre Uses defined by Primary and Secondary classification as identified in Adopted Local Plan 2012-2031

Local Town Centres

Local town centre (LTC) polygons mapped as part of the Authority’s Local Development Framework

Town Centre Classifications

Classification of all commercial properties in the Town Centres in Rutland

Town Centre Classification

Town Centre Boundaries include the primary shopping areas and areas predominantly occupied by main town centre uses.

Town Centre Boundary

Town Centre Boundary as identified within the Adopted Central Area Action Plan.

Town Centre Boundaries

Policy from the Runnymede Borough Council 2030 Local Plan (Adopted 16th July 2020). Designated as Policy IE5 & IE6, this dataset shows the Town Centre boundaries. The Runnymede Local Plan...

Town Centre Boundary

The purpose of the feature is to show the location of a Town Centre Boundary.

Town Centre Area 2

This is a polygon dataset used to identify Town Centre Area and was part of the Adopted Replacement Local Plan (2005)

LDP Town Centre Area

Town Centre Areas designated in the Adopted Powys LDP (2011 - 2026) The Powys Local Development Plan (2011-2026) was adopted by Powys County Council on the 17th of April 2018 and became...


Town and local centres in Dacorum Borough Council area

Guildford Town Car Parks

Locations of car parks within Guildford Town Centre.

Town Parish Councils in England

List of Town and Parish Councils in England

Town Centre Local Plan

Town Centre Local Plan – identifies the policies from the Town Centre Local Plan 20012-2027 that were adopted in November 2013. These only apply to the Town Centre area of Eastbourne. This data is...

Town Centre Use 2007

North Dorset District Council Town Centre Use 2007