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HM Revenue & Customs officials' meetings with tobacco stakeholders

Details of HMRC officials' meetings with tobacco stakeholders.

National Archives - customer satisfaction

Details of customer satisfaction recorded for National Archives

The National Archives - salaries over £58,200

Details of National Archives staff with salaries over £58,200

Apprentice contact list

Contact details, location and line manager for all apprentices

Staff joiners and leavers data

Staffing details for joiners and leavers in HMRC. Updated: annually.

Staff Sickness Absence Reports

Details of rolling 12 months and monthly sickness absence.

FSA Core Tables Administration Budget

Core Tables as required by FReM detailing the FSA’s Administration Budget

National Archives Customer Feedback and Complaints: 2012-13

Details of Customer Feedback and Complaints - The National Archives Public Services

Staff Basic Pay Report

Detailed report showing staff in receipt of salary. Updated: quarterly.

Annual Leave reports

Detailed staffing report showing leave entitlement. Updated: annually.

Labour Market Supplement (LMS) report

Details of staff receiving a LMS payment in HMRC. Updated: quarterly.

The National Archives - GPC spend data

Details of GPC spend for the National Archives from April 2011

FSA Non-Current Asset Register

Details of the Non-Current Assets held on the FSA’s Statement of Financial Position.

Tax Agents

Name and address details of Tax Agents including appropriate agent identifier

Staff Recognitions Bonuses Scheme (RBS)

Detailed reports showing staff in receipt of RBS payments. Updated: quarterly.

Staff in receipt of overtime payments report

Detailed report showing staff in receipt of overtime payments. Updated: quarterly.

Section 16 Third Party Information (TPI) Mart

Details of payments made to an individual or business for services provided to a third party

Staff In post reports

Details of staff in post in the department (includes diversity data). Updated: monthly.

Directors and Board Members' expenses - Food Standards Agency

Details of the business expenses of the FSA's Directors, its Chair and Board members. The Government is committed to setting new standards for transparency so that the public can more easily see...

The National Archives - Energy Consumption

Please find details of The National Archive's energy consumption at their main building in Kew.