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EEE Marketed UK Summary

This record is for Approval for Access product AfA316. EEE Marketed UK Summary contains data reported by Producer Compliance Schemes (PCSs) on the amount of EEE(Electrical and Electronic Equipment)...

Commercial and market intelligence of key suppliers to government

Financial and market performance data of key suppliers to Government

Parking Permit Mini Zones

A controlled parking zone, often referred to as a CPZ, is an area where the council have introduced restrictions on parking during certain times. These restrictions only apply to public roads....

Allerdale Permitted Development Rights

Permitted Developments Rights commonly known as Designated Areas throughout Allerdale. Derived from planning permissions granted by parliament.

Environmental Permits Public Register

This dataset contains all LA-PPC and LA-IPPC processes regulated by Blaby District Council under the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2012. Last Updated May...

LAPPC Environmental Permitting register

Register of Local Authority Pollution Prevention and control (LAPPC) Environmental Permits. For more information, please see the council's web page on Part B authorisation

Maldon Market Place

This is a polygon dataset used to identify Maldon Market (1996-2005 Adopted Local Plan)

Hackney Street Markets

Street Markets in Hackney. Created over OS MasterMap data. Boundaries have been created in accordance with planning policies which we will use, together with the London plan, the core strategy and...

Private markets information

Dataset showing individual private markets around the city on a year by year basis. Information includes the name of the market, when it came into existence, opening times and contact details.

Labour Market Profiles

Labour Market Profiles for Regions, Local Authorities, Local enterprsie Partnerships, Wards and Parliamentary Constituencies.

Annual markets information

Dataset showing year round council and private markets. Information includes the name of the market, when it came into existence, opening times and contact details.

Brixton Indoor Market

showing boundary of brixton indoor market in lambeth, as defined by the 2015 proposals map

Labour Market Profiles

A Labour Market profile of an area.

Camden Markets And Kiosks

This dataset contains the location of markets and kiosks in the London Borough of Camden as well as the nearest parking bays to these locations.

Labour Market slides

Unequal impact of COVID-19: BAME disproportionality This slide pack highlights immediate and evolving labour market implications, referencing the specific experience of Black, Asian and Minority...

Market Research

FCO(S) - Customer & Competitor information

Analysis of non-tariff measures in the UK internal market

Research report and accompanying regulatory database identifying and analysing existing non-tariff measures (NTMs) in the UK internal market. The report collects data on regulatory measures...

LDP Minerals: Permitted Working Area

Minerals: Permitted Working Areas designated in the Adopted Powys LDP (2011 - 2026) The Powys Local Development Plan (2011-2026) was adopted by Powys County Council on the 17th of April 2018 and...

Areas with Permitted Development Rights revoked

Article 4 Directions mean that certain Permitted Development (PD) Rights normally enjoyed by residents have been removed in order that the Council can exercise greater control over how features...

Permitted Waste Sites - Authorised Landfill Site Boundaries

The Permitted Waste Sites - Authorised Landfill Site Boundaries is a polygon dataset that contains the boundaries of landfill sites that are currently authorised by the Environment Agency under...