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Measuring National Well-being Consultation Data (Online Questionnaire)

Finding out ' What matters to people'

National Lottery - funds raised for good causes

This report details the fund raised for good causes by the National Lottery. Funds are raised from the sale of National Lottery games and supplemented by items suchs as unclaimed prizes. The funds...

Alternative Proteins Consumer Survey

An online survey to understand consumer awareness and perceptions of alternative, or novel, sources of protein. The survey was conducted with 1,930 adults aged 16-75 living in England, Wales and...

Social media search stream data

The FSA Communications team tracked online and social data streams for pre-determined search topics, to capture data sets.


Dataset contains areas identified having as recreation facilities available to young people such as Multi Use Games Areas, Skateboard Parks and Basketball Courts. It does not denote authority...

National Archives Web Continuity

The National Archives is preserving digital government information by regularly archiving UK central government websites. There are now over 1 billion online documents accessible through our UK...

FSA Audits of Approved Meat Establishments

Food Standards Agency (FSA) audits of approved meat establishments (slaughterhouses, cutting plants and game handling establishments) in Britain. For further information, please visit [Food...

Childrens Play Equipment

Childrens and Young Persons Space fixed equipment within Children's Play Grounds (CPG), Wheels Parks, Teen Shelters and Multi-use Games Areas (MUGA) the latter being mainly used by young persons...

Single Business Identifier

Data from Single Business Identifier, includes various identifiers such as the Unique Taxpayer Reference (used Self Assessment & COTAX) / PAYE reference numbers (PAYEREF) / Vat Reference...

Single Business Identifier

Data from Single Business Identifier, includes various identifiers such as the Unique Taxpayer Reference (used Self Assessment & COTAX) / PAYE reference numbers (PAYEREF) / Vat Reference...

CAESER (Corporate Assessment of Environmental, Social and Economic Responsibility).

CAESER is an online tool hosted on

Adults' media use and attitudes

The Adults' Media Use and Attitudes report is published as part of Ofcom's media literacy duties. It provides data on adults' media use and attitudes across TV, radio, games, mobile and the...

OS Places API

Find UK addresses instantly online and be confident you're getting the most up-to-date information with our address API.  Perform accurate geocoding and reverse geocoding with our secure,...

2012 - 2012 Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science (Cefas) Sea Angling 2012 - Online catch survey

Information on the activities, catches and expenditure taken from online survey of sea anglers in the UK for the Sea Angling 2012 project.

Gambling permits

This dataset shows where permits have been issued for gaming machines in pubs and clubs and also family entertainment centres. The best way to work with this dataset is to save it to your computer...

Defence Commodity Information The Millie On Line Portal

Information relating to the procurement, movement and consumption of commodities within the MOD Master list of all Logistic online forms and Publications

Government CloudStore catalogue

This is the downloadable version of the CloudStore catalogue which is the online catalogue of cloud ICT services available for procurement in the public sector (

Penna 360

360 data on Senior Managers. Penna invite colleagues of the requestor to complete a 15 online questionnaire on the requestor. The 360 Partnership, compile and release analysis to DfT.

National statistics review of tax credit statistics: results

Following the recent national statistics review of tax credit statistics a summary of responses have been published on the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) website. There were almost 140...

Third sector engagement and participation in the learning and skills sector: quantative research

Data gathered from an online self-completion survey of Third Sector providers. The survey looked at the nature and extent of Third Sector involvement and participation in the learning and skills...