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DWP Permanent Secretary meetings with external organisations

Meetings between the DWP Permanent Secretary and external organisations, including the date and purpose of meeting

Reason for migration and labour market characteristics of UK residents born abroad

Analyses the labour market position of foreign born UK residents by their original purpose for migrating.

UK entry clearance visas issued overseas

UK entry clearance visas issued overseas, by purpose and length. Excludes visitor and transit visas.

Wildlife Management Strategy & Non-Native Species

Wildlife Management Strategy & Non-Native Species: stakeholder contacts for consultation & working groups purposes

School Level Annual Schools Census

This census is a statutory annual collection of data from independent schools and covers approximately 2,400 registered schools. It takes place every year in January. The purpose of the collection...

Chart of Accounts / Standing Data System

Provides standing data such as Races, UINs and VAT Codes to the DFMS and its ancillary systems for accounting purposes

GB Counties - Past and Present

Explore the county boundaries of Great Britain throughout time with our counties map. These two datasets of county boundary information have been released as part of Boundary-Line through the...

Code-Point Open

Code-Point Open is a dataset that contains postcode units, each of which have a precise geographical location. To give you extra analytical power, Code-Point Open includes NHS authority and...

Archiving Spreadsheets CM, SD/SH, WS

Excel spreadsheets used for the purpose of archiving and retrieving Court Martial, Summary Dealings/Hearing and Warnings/Sanctions case files.

Summary Dealings Database

Record all Summary Dealing cases for purpose of providing data to AG and CoC and responding to Parliamentary Questions, FOI requests etc.

Major Sanctions Database

Record Major Sanction AGAI 67 actions for purposes of reporting data to AG, CoC and responding to Parliamentary questions and FOI requests.

Department of Energy and Climate Change Business Plan Quarterly Summary

The primary purpose of the Quarterly Data Summary is to make more of the management information currently held by government available to members of the public on a regular basis.

PCSPS Employer Pension Data [various authorities]

Data from civil service pension scheme administrator and employers used by XDIAS (Cross Departmental Internal Audit Service) for audit testing purposes.

CIO-DSAS Pol and Standards Database

A repository for information relating to DSAS Accreditation teams systems for the purposes of data analysis (Pol and Standards Team, serial 1, of CIO-DSAS Information Asset Register)

Linked Data

The linked data is developmental and is produced from linking existing administrative data sources together to create a new valuable information asset which is being used for a variety of purposes.

NI 002 - Percentage of people who feel that they belong to their neighbourhood

The indicator aims to measure a sense of belonging to ones neighbourhood and in doing so enables a thriving place in which a fear of difference is replaced by a shared set of values and a shared...

CIO-DSAS Info Mgmt and Risk Database

A repository for information relating to DSAS Accreditation teams systems for the purposes of data analysis (Info Management and Risk Co-ord Team, serial 1, of CIO-DSAS Information Asset Register)

National Security Vetting Database

Extensive and detailed personal information and personal history including those of family, other relationships, financial details, criminal records of Departmental Staff for the purpose of gaining...

Farm Business Survey (FBS)

Collection of information about English and Welsh farmers and growers to inform them, the agricultural and horticultural industries, government and the general public about the state of their...

NI 54: Parental experiences of services provided to disabled children

This publication sets out the main findings from the second national sample survey of parents of disabled children in England. This was conducted between July and November 2009 on the Department's...