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The content contains multiple datasets where each dataset contains the transactions above £500 in value (£25,000 in central government) for a single public body before any cleansing, enrichment,...

1981 Census - 10% National File

Analysis and Extracts

New London Plan Examination in Public (EiP) 2019

The draft London Plan must be considered by a formal Examination in Public, or EiP. This is led by independent inspectors appointed by the Secretary of State. The EiP opened on Tuesday 15 January...

Call Recording System

Audio recording of customer calls made to the contact centre related to DSA services.

Video files from Inner Dowsing, Race Bank and North Ridge cSAC, and Haisborough, Hammond and Winterton cSAC

Video files from Inner Dowsing, Race Bank and North Ridge cSAC, and Haisborough, Hammond and Winterton cSAC (CEND 11/11). This survey, carried out on the Cefas Endeavour research vessel, used...

Log file, GSAS data files and diffraction patterns from synchrotron experiments on NaMnF3 (NERC grant NE/J009520/1)

Log file and GSAS data files for synchrotron study of NaMnF3. Diffraction patterns from synchrotron experiments on NaMnF3. NERC grant: Understanding the D' zone: novel fluoride analogues to MgSiO3...

1981 Census - 100% National File - enumeration order

Historical data

TV and on-demand access services

TV access services Data on the extent to which broadcast television channels and on-demand programme services (“ODPS”) carries subtitles, audio description and/or signing (collectively “access...

2011 Census Microdata Sample of Anonymised Records Teaching File

#Background The main population base for published statistical tables from the 2011 Census in Northern Ireland is the usual resident population base as at Census day, 27 March 2011. By way of...

Corby CCG – Expenditure Over 25k – February 2019

1981 Census - 10% data master file for county nn

Analysis and Extracts

Matched survey sampling and survey response files for GHS, SEH, FRS, LFS.

Developing small area estimates

Crown Prosecution Service Case Outcomes by Principal Offence Category Data

A monthly breakdown of criminal case outcomes by principal offence category and CPS Area. The method of providing data changed in September 2012, taking into account the new structure of CPS Areas...

SFA national achievement rates tables 2014 to 2015: open data CSV files

National achievement rates tables in CSV format. The content of this page provides versions of national achievement rates tables produced by the Skills Funding Agency in CSV format as part of...

No description provided

No description provided

Risø output files of luminescence measurements (NERC Grant Grant NE/S007091/1)

Contains standard luminescence measurement files output from the Risø reader (SEC, SEQ, and BINX file types). This data set is comprised of standard files associated with a Risø Luminescence...

1981 Census - 100% data master file following Postcode Edit for county nn

Historical Data

Crown Prosecution Service Annual Report 2009-2010/Casework Statistics

These files contain CPS casework statistics for the year 2009-2010

Monthly Overseas Trade Statistics datasets and importers details

These are downloadable open format versions of the complete monthly Overseas Trade Statistics (OTS) and Importers Details datasets, with a 6 year archive of past data. They are published by HM...