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Air Accident database.


Air accident investigation database that collates initial accident information and facilitates the ongoing investigation, through to recommendations and final report

Microseismic source parameters from induced seismicity in the Horn River Basin (British Columbia) (NERC Grant NE/R017956/1)

This data set contains seismic source parameters (magnitudes, corner frequencies, stress drops and their associated uncertainty) for 94 microseismic events linked to fault reactivation during...

Barnet Pension Fund - Alternative and Private Funds

Information about Barnet Council's Pension Alternative and Private Funds - names and vintage years of private equity, venture capital, mezzanine, distressed, real estate/REIT, debt, infrastructure...

EPSRC Project: ORGMEMT - Organic Mixed Matrix Membrane Technologies for Post-Combustion CO2 Capture

The UK Government has set targets for the reduction of CO2 emissions of 80 % by 2050. Post-combustion capture of CO2 from power plants is key if we are to achieve these targets. Post-combustion CO2...