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Points of Interest

Points of Interest® is the most comprehensive, location-based directory of all public and privately-owned businesses, education and leisure services in Britain. Points of Interest contains over...

List of Ministers' Interests

Under the terms of the Ministerial Code, ministers must ensure that no conflict arises, or could reasonably be perceived to arise, between their ministerial position and their private interests,...

CT61 Return (Company Payments and interest)

Data from the Return of Income Tax on company payments (CT61) on tax deducted at source on interest. Updated: monthly.

Export of Objects of Cultural Interest

This statistical release presents the figures related to the export of objects of cultural interest, which will be included in the report on the operation of the control of such objects which the...

Departmental Board Register of Interests

Register of Departmental Board Members’ (Permanent Secretary, Director Generals and Non-Executive Board Members) interests.

Ministerial meetings with outside interest groups

Meetings with external organisations (including meetings with newspapers and other media proprietors, editors and senior executives) - October - December 2011

Places of interest

Polygon layer recording places of interest/tourist attractions in the City. This dataset was created to make mapping of these features easier. Data is created from the Ordnance Survey Mastermap...

Accessibility Areas Interest

areas on interest relating to access route.

Points Of Interest List

This is a list or URL's that open up the mapping information for East Renfrewshire Councils Points Of Interets in XML format.

Places of interest in Leeds

Here's a useful dataset to some of the places of interest across the city. Please note ----------- * Work is ongoing to ensure this data is accurate. * For further information on whats going...

Areas of Archaeological Interest

For further information about areas of archaeological importance (AAI) see the [City of York Council](

regen points of interest


Board of Trustees Members' Register of interests

British Council - Board of Trustees Members' Register of Interest

Board of Trustees Members' Register of interests

Board of Trustees Members' Register of Interest

TSB Board members declared interests

Register of Technology Strategy Board (TSB) Board Members declared interests

Sites of Special Scientific Interest (England)

A Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) is the land notified as an SSSI under the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981), as amended. Sites notified under the 1949 Act only are not included in...

Article 4

Article 4 (2) Directive in Gosport as of November 2017.

Article 4

Article 4 Directions are issued by the Council where specific control over a development is required.

Article 4

Article 4 Directions registered (in the local land charges register) after 1 January 2012 located within the Hastings Borough Council administrative area (Polygon Dataset). Article 4 directions...

Article 4

Areas subject to specific development controls reflecting the unique character of the area of acknowledged importance