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Real Asset Management (RAM)

Database of fixed assets funded from admin capital funding.

Report: Longannet ScottishPower Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) Consortium Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) - Chapter 04: End to End CCS Chain Operations Abstract

In March 2010, the Scottish CCS (Carbon Capture & Storage) Consortium began an extensive Front End, Engineering and Design (FEED) study to assess what would be required from an engineering,...

In-situ rock deformation and micron-scale crack network evolution: a high-resolution time-resolved x-ray micro-tomography dataset (NERC Grant NE/R001693/1)

This collection comprises two time-series of 3D in-situ synchrotron x-ray microtomography (μCT) volumes showing two Ailsa Craig micro-granite samples (ACfresh02 and ACHT01) undergoing triaxial...