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Visits to Attractions: Small Attractions

Visits to Attractions: Small Attractions

Visits to Attractions: Big Attractions

Visits to Attractions: Big Attractions

Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions located within Barrow borough Councils administrative area. Locations are recorded as points. Upon accessing this Licensed Data you will be deemed to have accepted the terms of...

Sites and Attractions

This dataset includes tourist attractions, local producers, heritage sites, arts and crafts. Information is maintained by North Somerset Council to support essential service delivery and is being...

Tourism - Visitors to Attractions

This dataset shows how many people visited Attractions in Lincolnshire by calendar year. Visitor numbers for a wide range of attractions are shown, along with other key information such as...

Local Authority Icelandic Bank Investments

This release relates to the local authority Icelandic bank investments based on a survey of 482 authorities in England as at 31 December 2008. Source agency: Communities and Local...

Database of English Visitor Attractions

A database of all English visitor attractions which VE is aware of, compiled to use as sample in the Annual Survey of Visits to Visitor Attractions

Local Plan 2004 Areas of Attractive Landscape

Areas of Attractive Landscape relevant to Policy L2 of the Adopted Local Plan 2004, polygons

England Survey of Visits to Visitor Attractions

Annual official statistic measuring the number of visits to English visitor attractions. Results are published in August each year. Key survey deliverables include a powerpoint report (currently...

At sea densities of Iceland gull in the non-breeding season

Krigged density surfaces for Iceland gull, in the non-breeding season. Covers UK waters and uses ESAS data.

Manchester Airport Safeguarding Zone - development likely to attract birds

Dataset showing an area of the city (known as a safeguarding zone) where the city council should consult with Manchester Airport where development is likely to attract birds, such as proposals...

City Airport Manchester Safeguarding Zone - developments attracting birds

Dataset showing an area of the city (known as a safeguarding zone) where the city council should consult with City Airport Manchester where development is likely to attract birds, such as proposals...

Visit England Visitor Attraction Assurance Scheme member database

A database of members of the VisitEngland Visitor Attraction Quality Assurance Scheme, with details of attraction name, address and assessment

Research & Development spatial data tool

BEIS and Nesta have co-developed a research and development (R&D) spatial data tool to allow users to access, visualise and compare indicators that show the scale of R&D systems at a...

Pioneer Microbial Communities of the Fimmvörðuháls Lava Flow, Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland

The data set is sequences of microorganisms that were isolated or determined by direct DNA extraction from the Eyjafjallajökull Iceland lava flows. The data is held in BLAST as follows: Clone 16S...

Feather isotope ratios and sexing of oystercatchers breeding in Iceland, 2013-2017

Dataset comprises of the delta-13C and delta-15N stable isotopic information from feather samples (for 552 individuals) and the sex (assigned by DNA-analysis of blood samples for 321 individuals)...

Invertebrate biomass, vegetation cover, and environmental data from Hengill, Iceland

This is a dataset of environmental data, percentage vegetation cover, total invertebrate abundance, and mean invertebrate body mass, sampled at 96 soil habitat patches in the Hengill geothermal...

Field notes from Iceland (NERC grant NE/P002331/1)

Direct geological observations made during field work, tied to positional information collected by hand-held GPS.

Small Woodland Management Plans

Boundaries of land captured as part of small woodland management plan processing. The small woodland management plan template has been created to help encourage and support owners of small...

Big Tree Plant Scheme Locations England 2013/2014

This dataset has ben superseded by the following dataset, which contains all years and accuracy of site location has been improved: This data shows...