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OS Cities Data

Great Britain's (England, Scotland, Wales) cities (e.g. London, Birmingham, Edinburgh) named and represented as point features with an indicative bounding box. This data is often used for...

Glass chemistry of eruption deposits from volcanoes around Mexico City (NERC Grant NE/S009035/1)

Electron microprobe glass chemistry data from explosive eruption deposits from Popocatépetl, Iztaccíhuatl and Tláloc-Telapón volcanoes in Central México, spanning the last 700 ka. Associated with...

City Walkway

City Walkway forms part of the Public Access Map. This includes: • City Walkways and Proposed City Walkways • Permissive Paths • Highway Maintainable at Public Expense • Privately Maintainable...

The City Walls

York City Walls *Please note that the data published within this dataset is a live API link to CYC's GIS server. Any changes made to the master copy of the data will be immediately reflected in...

City plaques

Dataset showing details of historic plaques in the city including the location, names and links to interesting and historic information.

City Car Parks

car parks

City of London Boundary

The current boundary of the City of London

City of London Trees

Locations of all trees managed by City Gardens, Open Spaces Department and all known locations of privately managed trees in the City of London. Only trees managed City Gardens, Open Spaces...

City Development Pipelines

Data shows information on development, construction and refurbishments for schemes to be completed

City & Guilds Waivers

FLEET Deputy Flag Officer Sea Training spread sheet - Staff records

City Centre Quarters

Areas identified for regeneration focus. The City Centre has areas where specific uses cluster together or which have a particular character or identity. The Nottingham-Beeston canal is at the...

Congestionreport Ox City

Congestion - Oxford City Centre

Superconnected cities broadband

Leeds City Council and City of Bradford MDC are working together on a variety of digital projects under the ‘Superconnected Cities’ banner. One such project is to work with Small and Medium-sized...

City Evacuation Zones

Map showing Bristol City Centre Evacuation Zones. Local Authorities have been asked to prepare evacuation plans for city centres following the 9/11 bombing. The evacuation of the whole city...

City Centre Boundary

Boundary of City Centre for planning policy purposes.

City Walls Gateways

York City Walls' Bars. For further information please visit [City of York Council's website]( *Please note that the data published within this dataset is a...

City Flood Risk Area

Composite flood risk polygon for the City combing areas of potential for surface water flooding and river flooding. This Policy Area is relevant to City Plan 2036 Strategic Policy S15: Climate...

State of the Cities Database update

Indicators on employees. Source agency: Communities and Local Government Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: SOCD

State of English Cities database

The State of the Cities database provides access to a broad range of statistical data and information at several geographic levels Source: Communities and Local Government (CLG) Publisher:...

Bristol City Council Fraud

Notes to Fraud Data 2018/19 1. The information provided relates to fraud against the authority, it does not include cases of fraudulent activity by traders, as investigated by Trading...