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reading planning applications 1/1/14

Reading Borough Council dataset for planning applications from 1/1/14

NHS South Reading CCG payments over £25,000

NHS South Reading CCG payments to suppliers over £25,000

UK Read Code

UK Read Code Read Codes are a coded thesaurus of clinical terms and have been used in the NHS since 1985. There are two versions: version 2 (v2) and version 3 (CTV3 or v3), they provide the...

Progress in International Reading Literacy Study

The Progress in International Reading Literacy Study is an international survey of the educational achievement of the equivalent of year 5 pupils across the world organised by the IEA. A total of...

Spend over 25k for NHS North and West Reading CCG

Payments made to suppliers by NHS North and West Reading CCG with a value over £25,000

Country Returns Guide

Home Office guidance on documentation requirements and processes for the return of immigration offenders to their country of origin.

Workforce Management Information

Management information on the number of staff working in Ofgem, including associated paybill costs.

Workforce management information

This workforce management and related information is being published as part of the government's commitment to transparency. These figures are not official statistics. They are internal workforce...

Early Learning Project (ELP); meter read data - 8 datasets

One-off download of meter read data for ELP consumption analysis research project

Bovine TB: compensation value tables

Compensation is paid according to published table values for any cattle compulsorily culled to control the spread of the following diseases: bovine TB brucellosis enzootic bovine leukosis In...

Energy Follow Up Survey (EFUS) Meter reading data - 3 datasets

Meter reading data for the EFUS survey respondents

FSA Information Asset Register

The FSA information asset list shows a collection of different types of information relating to a topic. Recording that they have value so they can be managed together and effectively used, shared...

VAT Information Exchange System

EC Sales Lists data & acquisition data on goods & services (services with effect from 2010)

Workforce Management Information - TSol

Details of the total paybill cost, and numbers of staff by grade for the Attorney General's Office, HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate and the Treasury Solicitor's Department. It gives a...

FSA Workforce Managment Information

Monthly information on staff numbers and paybill costs in the FSA, both payroll and non-payroll including consultants. Split between full-time equivalents (FTE) and headcount and mapped to standard...

Request for information (requisition) data

This dataset shows: * the 500 customers that send the most applications to us * the number and type of applications we receive and complete * how many requests for information we send to...

Unregistered schools management information

Management information on unregistered schools in England, from 1 January 2016 onwards.

Freedom of Information case logs

A list of all Freedom of Information case logs for the Food Standards Agency.

Ofwat workforce management information

Monthly management information on staff numbers and paybill costs in Civil Service departments, their agencies and their executive NDPBs.

Domestic consumption monitor - monthly meter readings

Monthly meter readings expressed as mean litres/day. These readings are of customers paying their bill by rateable value. Customers have been selected to be representative of the Yorkshire Water...