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Exploratory evaluation of the Next Step service

Data that supports BIS research report no. 97, on a study to evaluate outcomes associated with the Next Step careers and skills advice service. Explored the potential for exploiting the new Next...

Document preservation and treatment

Data relating to repository environments

Next step customer satisfaction and progression surveys

Satisfaction and progression survey data for customers of Next Step collected one month (satisfaction) and six months (progression) after the adviser session (September 2011 - March 2012). Survey...

The National Archives - Tender Documents

Details of central government tenders and contracts, including those for The National Archives, will be published on Contracts Finder Contracts Finder is...

The National Archives - documents delivered online

The number of documents delivered online by The National Archives since April 2010

The National Archives - documents delivered onsite

The number of documents delivered onsite at the National Archives in Kew since April 2010

Bill Documents

Specific versions of outputs from engineering design, environmental, property etc and porcesses created for bill purposes

Document Management System ("Matrix")

Electronic Document Storage solution for the Department, meeting obligations for Document and Freedom of Information (FOI) Management

Rail Technical tender documents

Tender documents, in particular, those for research projects

Publication Scheme Documents

All other documents released under our publication scheme - including board minutes, annual reports, contract opportunities etc.

Crossrail Act - Petition Response Documents

A collection of several hundred CDs containing petition response documents, given to those who petitioned the Crossrail Bill prior to its Royal Assent as the Crossrail Act 2008.Data collection...

User Identification Documents (ID) database

Names and other details of ETHOS users

National Archives - Original documents delivered within 60 minutes

The National Archives provides information about the number of records delivered to the public in our reading rooms within 60 minutes. This information is available here.

Paper file retrievals from HMRC Document Storage Repositories

Total volumes of all paper files requested from HMRC Document Storage Repositories. Updated: daily required for monthly update.

Commercial tender and contract documentation

Details of contracts, tenders and commercial arrangements

Next Step/National Careers Service contracts

Next Step/National Careers Service contracts, may contain sensitive financial data.

Climate resilience documents

This dataset includes links to policies, strategies and documents relevant to climate resilience on a wide range of geographic scales. The project was undertaken with the guidance of Leeds City...

Innovate Monitoring Documents

All funded Innovate projects will be required to complete an initial progress monitoring and savings table with the support of a county council officer. This provides baseline information against...

Cultivate Monitoring Document

All funded Cultivate projects will be required to complete an initial progress monitoring form with the support of a county council officer. This provides baseline information against which the...

Camden Licensing Documents

This dataset contains licensing documents; this can be joined to the other licensing datasets using the licence reference value.