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HPI: Lifestyle

Health Poverty Index - Intervening Factors: Lifestyle Source: Department of Health (DoH) Publisher: Health Poverty Index Geographies: Local Authority District (LAD), National Geographic...

General Lifestyle Survey

An inter-departmental multi-purpose continuous survey carried out by the Office for National Statistics collecting information on a range of topics from people living in private households in Great...

Healthy lifestyle behaviours

This dataset provides 'synthetic estimates' and confidence intervals for a range of healthy lifestyle variables. The variables are: 1) Current smoking among adults (aged 16 or over). 2) Binge...

Opinions and Lifestyle Survey

Report covering alcohol consumption in 2012, using Opinions and Lifestyle Survey data. Source agency: Office for National Statistics Designation: National Statistics Language:...

Helpline activity

A breakdown of all FSA helpline activity including all phone calls, messages and emails that were received and processed for 2016.

Community Activity

The number of staff days spend on defined community activities. Updated: monthly.

Fulfilling Potential Outcomes and Indicators Framework indicators using the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey

This Official Statistic contains data from the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey to monitor the Fulfilling Potential Outcomes and Indicators Framework. The Framework was set up in 2013 to measure...

Physically active children

Percentage of schoolchildren who spend a minimum of two hours each week on high quality PE and school sport within and beyond the curriculum Source: Department for Children Schools and Families...

Physically active adults

Adults participating in recommended levels of physical activity -participation in moderate intensity sport and active recreation on 20 or more days in the previous 4 weeks, (averaging 5 or more...

Hospital Activity Data

Monthly activity data relating to elective and non-elective inpatient admissions (or first finished consultant episodes FFCEs) and outpatient referrals and attendances for first consultant...

Accident and Emergency Activity

A&E activity; total time spent in A&E from arrival to admission, discharge or transfer and waiting for emergency admission through A&E. Source agency: Health Designation: Official...

GPS 'Active' Suppliers

List of suppliers that are receiving income via work carried under GPS Frameworks - i.e. those that are winning business via further competitions

Mandatory Work Activity

The Mandatory Work Activity programme helps those who have been out of work for a long time to build their work related skills by providing work placements. The data includes individual level...

Schools Adolescent Lifestyle and Substance Use Survey

Schools Adolescent Lifestyle and Substance Use Survey Source agency: ISD Scotland (part of NHS National Services Scotland) Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title:...

Ofsted inspector inspection activity and performance data.

This dataset provides data related to Ofsted inspectors' inspection activity and inspection performance outcomes (e.g. quality assurance work/complaints). It is collected during the course of our...

Active Places

List of sites and sports facilities for England Further details can be found on the B2B website

Survey of Foreign Vehicle Activity

Survey of foreign HGVs undertaking haulage on UK (3,161 vehicle records). Data collection ceased.

Van Activity Baseline Survey

Survey of 20,000 van owners in England. Detailed responses received from 9,000 van owners. Data collection ceased.

Economic activity of care leavers

Activity on 19th birthday of care leavers who were looked after three years previously Source: Department for Education and Skills (DfES) Publisher: Department for Children Schools and Families...

Annual Planned Activity on Delivery Feed Law Controls

Exercise to establish estimated numbers of animal feed official controls inspections to be delivered in England by Local Authorities.