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Unredacted Franchise Agreements

Unredacted versions of the Franchise Agreements between the Department for Transport and Train Operating Companies.

Crossrail Act - Agreements

Individual Agreements associated with the Crossrail Bill. Data collection ceased.

BIS Public Service Agreements

BIS Public Service Agreements

Framework Agreements (FWA) contracts

Contracts and Framework Agreements to October 12

Financial information for Franchise Agreements

Financial information and other supporting information for TOC Franchise Agreements

HCA Legal agreements

Data on building agreements, leases and other similar legal papers relating to land owned by HCA

Climate Change Agreements

Details of current or terminated Climate Change Agreements (CCA) for the UK under the Climate Change Agreements (Administration Facilities) Regulations 2012. The Climate Change Agreement scheme has...

S106 Agreements

Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 allows a local planning authority to enter into a legally binding agreement or planning obligation with a land developer over a related issue....

S106 agreements

GIS representation of the Council’s register of Section 106 (S106) agreements. The locations refer to the development from which the money was raised, not where the money is spent. These...

S52 Agreements

Section 52 agreement was a set of planning obligations contained in the Town and Country Planning Act 1971 relating to specific pieces of land. It was amended into Section 106 of the same act in...

Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and Direct Service Agreements (DSA)

Recovery plans to provide contingency arrangements for Estates & Support Services (ESS) across the HMRC estate in the event of failure. Updated: annually.

Environmental Stewardship Scheme Agreements

Environmental Stewardship Scheme holdings agreement polygons (includes farm business and payment info) Attribution statement: Attribution statement: © Natural England copyright. Contains Ordnance...

Energy Crops Scheme Agreements

Energy Crops Scheme Agreements tranche 1 and 2 - based on Probis extract. The Energy Crops Scheme provides establishment grants for approved energy crops. Approved crops are Short Rotation Coppice...

Learning from the Neighbourhood Agreements Pathfinder Programme

Underlying data for research paper which sets out several suggestions that will help those interested in developing a Neighbourhood Agreement approach in their local area. In particular it provides...

Section 106 Agreements

Location of Section 106 Planning Agreements. The area affected by each agreement is recorded as a polygon. Upon accessing this Licensed Data you will be deemed to have accepted the terms of the...

Section 106 Agreements

Overlay shows the extent of section 106 boundaries as polygons within Eastleigh Borough Council. A section106 agreement is a legally binding obligation attached to a piece of land. They enable the...

Section 106 Agreements

Waverley Borough Council dataset recording the location where a development or land owner has entered into a legal agreement relating to a Planning Permission.

Section 106 Agreements

Section 106 (S106) Agreements in the Lewes District, the limit of each S106 agreement is recorded as a polygon as captured from the legal document. Upon accessing this Licensed Data you will be...

Section 106 Agreements

Section 106 Legal Agreements within the Wealden District Council administrative area

Section 106 Agreements

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