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Department of Finance and Personnel (Northern Ireland) Customer Survey

Covers satisfaction levels with the Department's customer service both overall and relating to specific themes, such as Communication. Source agency: Finance and Personnel (Northern...

HMRC reviews and appeals

Paper containing information and analysis about reviews of, and appeals against, HMRC’s tax decisions. Where a customer disagrees with a decision made by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), they...

Appeals for GCSE, AS and A level

Statistics on the number of appeals against results for GCSEs, AS and A levels. Source agency: Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation Designation: Official Statistics not...

Exclusion Appeals

The appeals against exclusions independent review survey is a statutory annual collection of information from local authorities on the number of independent reviews and their outcome as part of a...

Finance data

Budget data and tracking of budget spend. Updated: weekly.

Rail finance

Investment made by private companies into the rail industry Source agency: Office for Rail Regulation Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Rail finance


Revenue and invoicing

Admissions Appeals Survey

The Admissions appeals survey is a statutory survey collected from local authorities and covers all primary and secondary level schools which are under local authority control i.e. community and...

Appeals against Exclusions

Information from LAs on appeals by parents against permanent exclusions and appeals made by governing bodies against LA decisions to reinstate permanently excluded pupils.

Appeals against Admissions

Information relating to appeals including infant class appeals lodged by parents against non-admission during the previous academic year.

Child Maintenance Appeals

The Appeals Tracking System is a small system used to assist the tracking of child maintenance appeals, Advanced Departures and Advanced Variations. Decision Appeals - Only specific decisions may...

Summary Appeal Database

Tracks and manages Summary Appeal cases.


Planning appeals

GPS Finances

Details of GPS of annual financial performance

Finance Records

General corporate financial data

Finance Dataset

All financial transactions made by SLC as part of its functions, including payments to/on behalf of customers and payments to suppliers.

Finance Records

Financial data and systems to manage the financial activities of the NLB including payments, expenses, payroll data etc

Planning Appeals

Planning applications with appeals lodged against the decision. Original application location shown as a centroid point. Upon accessing this Licensed Data you will be deemed to have accepted the...

School finance and balances

Statistics describing the total revenue balances (showing both committed and uncommitted revenue balances) and also the total revenue balances as a proportion of the total revenue income for LA...

Public Sector Finances

Monthly estimates of the main public sector finance statistics are issued jointly by the Office for National Statistics and HM Treasury. Source agency: HM Treasury Designation: National...