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Aviation Security Compliance database

Contact database includes name, addresses, telephone numbers and email of industry security contacts.

Aviation Security Management System

Compliance database containing numeric and descriptive record of security inspections of transport industry. No personal data other than names of inspector and possible references to names of...

Average Daily Footfall In Aviation House By Week

This dataset shows the daily average of FSA staff entering Aviation House by week. The weekly total number of FSA Staff entering Aviation House is divided by 5 to give the daily average.

Adding Capacity at Heathrow Consultation

Database of responses to the Adding Capacity at Heathrow Airport consultation. Data collection ceased. This database was used to inform an ongoing policy/consultative exercise....


Civil Aviation Association Notifications for Basildon Planning Constraints at 2011.

UK local authority and regional greenhouse gas emissions

The UK produces a breakdown of greenhouse gas emissions by Local Authority area as a subset of its annual inventory of greenhouse gas emissions. The nationally available data sets begin in 2005....

Application of PAS 2070: London case study

These datasets are for the London case study applying the PAS 2070 British Standard for the assessment of a city's greenhouse gas emissions. They include: \- the full case study datasets \-...

World Magnetic Model

The World Magnetic Model (WMM), produced jointly with the US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration's National Geophysical Data Center, is the standard model in UK Ministry of...

Multispectral airborne imagery and associated classifications, training data and validation data, for mapping nectar-rich floral resources for pollinators, Northamptonshire, UK 2020

Data presented here include imagery with ground-sampling distances of 3 cm and 7 cm for March 2019, May 2019 and July 2019. Also included are the corresponding ground-truth training and...

Proposals Map Data

The proposals map for Salford reflects the spatial policies of the adopted development plan. It contains policies from the UDP, the Minerals DPD and the Waste DPD. The datasets included are listed...