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Street Scene Management Agreement

Each of the Council’s in-house Delivery Units has a Management Agreement that sets out the actions for delivering the relevant sections of the Commissioning Plans, along with key indicators to help...

The Story Behind Penalty Charge Notices

The Story Behind Penalty Charge Notices

Technical assessment boundaries behind the abstraction licensing strategies Cycle 2

The technical assessment boundaries are used to define which water resource demands fall into each technical assessment. They are used to look at the balance between society, the economy and the...

Mixed Hydrocarbon Undeveloped Discoveries Scene


Road Accident In Depth Studies (RAIDS)

This asset contains legacy data from the Department's OTS, CCIS and HVCIS accident studies. It contains measurements taken at the scene of accidents, damage to vehicles, injuries to persons...

Estimating the provision of business mentoring

Data behind the charts presented in research report on business mentoring organisations operating in England. Provides a baseline estimate of the number and services of business mentors operating...

Farmer Intentions Survey

This date gives the results of the Farmer Intentions Survey for England. This data covered farmers’ aspirations and plans for the future towards the whole business and for individual enterprises,...

Contracts Finder Archive - 2011 to 2015

An archive of historic contract data from the Business Link Contracts Finder website that closed in February 2015. The archive includes public sector contract tenders and contracts awarded...

Coastal Physiographic Features - Barrier Beach

This shapefile is of the coastal physiographic feature 'Barrier Beach'. The polygons in this shapefile represent the areas in which Barrier Beaches are located in the UK. Where, Barrier Beach is...

Allerdale Locality Administartive Areas

Allerdale Locality Administrative Areas expressed as polygon extents for each area. Main areas for administration primarily for use by Street Scene Officers for Environmental Services.

Ambulance Services, England

This bulletin contains information about the ambulance services provided by the National Health Service in England. The information is collected from individual ambulance trusts and shows volume of...

Street level crime ( data)

Crime data and neighbourhood policing information from all forces in England and Wales to the Public. This data is what is behind the website. The Police API allows you to retrieve...

Live roadworks API

This link provides access to the live data held behind Information such as live roadworks and gritting routes can be found here.

Customer Service Quarterly KPI Underlying Data Q1 2014-15

This provides the underlying data and volumes behind the reported performance of CSG Customer Service and presented quarterly to the Performance and Contract Management Commitee.

Agency and Consultants Costs 2014/15

Agency and consultants cost by directorate. This constitutes the raw data behind the Agency and Consultants table published in the Performance and Contract Management Committee report

Camden Education and Enforcement Team - Keep Britain Tidy Survey

Street cleansing standards in Camden are independently measured by Keep Britain Tidy (KBT) three times a year to assess the condition of Camden’s street scene. The measurement shows the percentage...

NI 154 Net additional homes provided

Number of net increases in dwelling stock over one year. The net increase in dwelling stock over one year is calculated as the sum of new build completions, minus demolitions, plus any gains or...

Dwelling stock local authority stock, by district, England

Local Authority Dwelling Stock Since 2012, the data on local authority and other public sector housing stock are taken from the Department for Communities and Local Government’s Local Authority...

London Annual Education Report 2015

Third annual educational performance report for London. Go to [](/annual-education-report-2015) to see the data behind the report.

London Annual Education Report 2014

Second annual educational performance report for London. Go to...