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Bicycle Ranks

Cycle stand location in Ipswich town centre

GB Reported Bicycling Accident Locations

UK Government official data on the locations of bicycling accidents reported to the police for the years 2005-7 on roads around Great Britain.

Draft Belfast Bicycle Network 2017

This data contains the Draft for the Belfast Bicycle Network from the Department for Infrastructure. The network is not final and is subject to change. A Consultation was set up to obtain views on...

Crime in England and Wales 2010/11

This is the tenth report in an annual series combining crimes recorded by the police and interviews from the British Crime Survey (BCS) for the financial year 2010/11. Each source has different...

Crime in England and Wales 2009/10: Supplementary Tables: Nature of burglary, vehicle-related theft, bicycle theft, other household theft, personal and other theft, vandalism and violent crime

The tables are based on the findings from BCS interviews conducted in the 2009/10 financial year and give a picture of the nature of burglary, vehicle-related theft and violent crime. They also...


An area of land used to park bicycles.


An area of land used to park bicycles.

Public bike pumps

Location of free-to-use bicycle pumps and cycle "tool stations"

Pothole claims

A data set which shows the total number of roadway pothole claims and payments made for vehicles, pedestrian injuries and bicycles.


GIS polygon dataset identifying Bicycle routes as identifield in Local Plan as being part of the Harlow Area Transport Strategy. Polygon Only. Digitised at 1:1250 scale

British Cycling Calderdale Ride Log

Details of group bicycle rides organised by British Cycling and starting in Calderdale for 2015/16. Details include date of ride, no. of participants, distance cycled, and ride location.

On Street Crime In Camden

This dataset contains on street crimes provided by the Police via their API ( The data is clipped to the London Borough of Camden boundary, and can contain up to...

Public Rights of Way

There is an extensive network of public rights of way covering more than 1,980 kilometers (footpaths, bridleways and byways) in the Brecon Beacons National Park; allowing visitors to explore the...

Cycle Counters Locations

Location of automatic traffic counters (ATC) for bicycles in York. For data regarding the...

Cycle Lane Counter

A dataset to show the cycle counts from 3 recorders located in Calderdale. **Please Notes** ---------------- * Sdate - indicates the date and time the count was taken. * Cosit - site ID...

Leeds Annual Cycle Growth

A dataset to show the cycle counts from 41 recorders located around the West Yorkshire district. 10 of these have no data prior to 2016, 2 no data prior to 2017 and 12 no data prior to...

Mill Road Project: Traffic Sensor Data

15 smart sensors have been installed on Mill Road and surrounding streets to record numbers of pedestrians, bicycles, cars and other vehicles. The data being collated and analysed by the Smart...

Ward Profiles and Atlas

The ward profiles and ward atlas provide a range of demographic and related data for each ward in Greater London. They are designed to provide an overview of the population in these small areas by...