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Tomographic data on the developmental biology of the Early Cambrian cnidarian Olivooides (NERC grant NE/J018325/1)

The folders GMPKU2311, GMPKU3089, ELISN108-343 and ELISN31-5 contain data from X-ray tomographic analyses of fossil embryos and post-embryonic stages as described: There is one data folder provided...

A multicellular organism with embedded cell clusters from the Ediacaran Weng'an biota (Doushantuo Formation, South China) (NERC grant NE/J018325/1)

Table S1.xlsx is Table S1, which contains 2D measurements of cell clusters used in Fig. 5 (this is also available from the publisher's website). The folders SMNH X 4447, SMNH X 5331 and SMNH X 5357...