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Title Descriptor dataset

HM Land Registry’s Title Descriptor dataset describes the estate or interest and class of title (freehold/leasehold) conferred on each registered estate or interest in England and Wales. This data,...

Travel bookings

Data held for travel bookings made through Redfern Travel

Travel bookings

Data held for travel bookings made through Carlson Wagonlit

Travel Bookings

Travel bookings from corporate travel provider, 2010-2013, includes financial data and individual travel events.

Room Booking

Room Booking system for DFID offices

Title Number and UPRN Look Up dataset

HM Land Registry’s Title Number and UPRN Look Up dataset contains title numbers and associated Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRNs) for freehold and leasehold land and property registered in...

Travel bookings

The travel bookings lists the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) staff requirements for public transport and accommodation.

Food Statistics Pocket book

Provides a concise round-up of statistics on food covering the economic, social and environmental aspects of the food we eat. Source agency: Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Designation:...

Newcastle Libraries catalogue titles

Extract from the Library Management System (LMS) showing the libraries' catalogue of titles held in the collections. Due to a change of LMS in 2018 different fields are available from 2018...

The London Diplomatic List (Blue Book)

The London Diplomatic List (Blue Book), lists all diplomatic missions in the UK and their staff, Heads of Mission Order of Precedence, Consular Offices Outside London, Honorary Consulates within...

Customer database – HSE Books

The HSE Books Customer Database, held by HSE’s appointed storage and Distribution services provider holds the following information: There are 19,228 customer records (256 Active and 18,972 closed)...

Flights Booked through GPS Framework - MOJ

This data show the number of flights booked by the MOJ through the GPS Framework

Library computer bookings

This dataset provides details of library computer use. Please note ----------- * The statistics provided do not relate to the number of sessions booked, but rather to the number of sessions...

Library PC Bookings

This dataset shows the number of PC bookings made in Calderdale libraries since 2013-14.

Marine Accident Investigation Branch Contacts address book

Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) Outlook-based list of contacts

Budget Book 2016/17

Budget Book 2016/17

Library loans (books only)

This dataset concerns loans of books made across libraries in Leeds since the 2000/01 financial year. Please note ----------- * The figures do not include loans of any of media items (for...

Books Borrowed - Homestead Park

Books Borrowed - Homestead Park *This indicator has been discontinued

Books Borrowed - Haxby Explore

Books Borrowed - Haxby Explore Library

Books Borrowed - Fulford Library

Books Borrowed - Fulford Library