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Overpayments Decisions Calculations & Appeals database

Customer level data via the Overpayment, Decisions, Calculations and Appeals process that have lodged an appeal or requested a reconsideration. Location: GB wide data Time Period: 14 months...

GLA Population Yield Calculator

_The GLA Population Yield Calculator is a tool for estimating population yield from new housing development. The calculator provides users with an indication of the possible number and age of...

Indicative residential capacity calculators

Indicative residential capacity calculators to be used with the Good Quality Homes for All Londoners draft for consultation.

Total GVA (balanced calculations) (£ billion)

Total GVA (balanced calculations) (£ billion)

GVA per head (balanced calculations) (£)

GVA per head (balanced calculations) (£)

Sample & Compound Calculator Database

Details of Special Payments made. Does not retain any personal information.

Armed Forces Pension Scheme Liability Calculation Documentation

Liability Calculation Documentation

Calculating concentrations of geochemical tracers for monitoring CO2 stores

This Microsoft Excel document contains 5 worksheets providing data produced by research as part of UKCCSRC Call 1 funded project (grant number UKCCSRC-C1-31) and UKCCSRC funded international...

The impact of calculating cancer incidence rates using the 2013 European Standard Population

This short story examines the impact of applying the new 2013 European Standard Population (ESP) to calculate age-standardised cancer incidence rates. This document focuses solely on the impact of...

Example Elastic Calculations for ElasT Toolkit (NERC Grant NE/M000125/1)

Elastic constants were calculated by using the stress-strain method and density functional theory for crystals of different symmetry. A toolkit was developed to facilitate the input preparation and...

RAISEonline school performance, absence and exclusion and census data

Information for this dataset is sourced from the Department for Education. Data is held for primary, secondary and special schools in England. Data is calculated at different aggregation levels:...

Density Functional Theory Calculations of Rare Earth Systems (NERC Grant NE/M01147X/1)

This data set contains example input and output files from density functional theory calculations of rare earth systems, using the Vienna Ab initio Simulation Package (VASP), The data set it split...

Pay adjustment tables - Tables A

Monthly and Weekly tables used to manually calculate free pay for tax codes with the suffix L, P, T or Y (not NT) and to work out additional pay for tax codes with prefix K.

Self Assessment (SA)

Income Tax SA returns for individuals and partnerships. Tax Calculation data for individuals. Designatory data for all SA cases. Designatory data for sources. Filing data for all SA cases. Updated:...

Numerical calculations of compacting flow past spheres and circular cylinders (NERC grant NE/I023929/1)

This data contains the results of numerical simulations described in the following two papers: Alisic L., Rhebergen S., Rudge J.F., Katz R.F., Wells G.N. Torsion of a cylinder of partially molten...

Accessibility Destination Datasets

Excel datasets containing raw destination data for calculating Accessibility statistics. This gives the locations of the different services used within these calculations: Primary schools,...

FRAME (Fine Resolution Atmospheric Multi-pollutant Exchange)

The FRAME model calculates the deposition of sulphur and nitrogen at both standard (5 km) and high (1 km) resolution across the UK. The results are used to calculate the exceedance of critical...

NHSScotland NHS Board revenue budget target shares calculated using the new Resource Allocation formula (NRAC)

Results of the Resource Allocation formula developed by the National Resource Allocation Committee (NRAC) to calculate annual target shares Source agency: ISD Scotland (part of NHS National...

Average age of rolling stock

This is the average age of rolling stock. Data is available by sector and train company. All rail vehicles leased from rolling stock leasing companies (ROSCOs) by train operators that have a...

GPS benefits and savings performance

Methodologies and calculations of benefits and savings