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Defence Irregularity Reporting Cell Database

Reports of suspected Fraud submitted to the DIR Cell.  All stored on Magic Database which holds personal data relelvant to witnesses, persons of interest, investiating officers, investigation...

York Flood Alleviation Scheme (FAS) Flood Cells

Spatial extents of the flood cells that make up the York Flood Alleviation Scheme (FAS). Including information about proposed flood risk defence work for new and existing defences. Made available...

Pension landscape and charging survey

Quantitative and qualitative research with employers and pension providers carried out in 2009 and 2011. Non-anonymised version of 2011 dataset held by DWP for analysis by pension analysts. The...

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Electric Vehicle Charging Points This data is commercial data

Allerdale Miscellaneous Charge Land Charge

Miscellaneous Charge recorded as Land Charge and expressed as a polygon extent. Miscellaneous charges include INDs

Green Deal Central Charge Database

Financial data required for Green deal plan transactions

Terrorism arrests - analysis of charging and sentencing outcomes by religion

This briefing has been published alongside the 2012/2013 statistics on Operation of Police Powers under the Terrorism Act 2000 and subsequent legislation, to provide more detailed information.

Council Tax Charges

Council tax charges for Calderdale by band: * Annual council tax charge since 1993/94; * Breakdown of council tax charge since 2016/17, showing the charge for parish, social care, police and...

Repairs and Leaseholder Charges

Repairs and Leaseholder Charges

Libraries Fees and Charges

Details of all of the fees and charges collected by Calderdale libraries , broken down into categories.

Parking charge notices

Data showing details of Parking Charge Notices issued in Plymouth from 2013-2016

Council tax charges

Council tax charges information by property band

Council Tax charges

Council tax charges are shown on council tax bills. The data shows all charges by parish and by council tax band.

CORE - Social housing lettings (LA owned) - Rent and charges

This dataset comprises the mean weekly rent and total charges of new general needs lettings, let at social rent levels, owned by Local Authorities. These data are for new social housing lettings...

Single-use plastic carrier bags charge data for England

These datasets provide the information submitted to government about single use carrier bag charging in England, including the number and proceeds of single-use plastic carrier bags issued/charged...

Surface Water Availability for Water Resource Charging

This is a national picture of Surface water resource availability mapped to Integrated Water bodies for the purposes of Water Resource Charging only. Water Resource charges will depend on the water...

EV Charging Points In Chelmsford

This displays the EV Charging Points in an ever growing Chelmsford. This is so our eco-friendly citizens can learn where they can charge their EV's.

Miscellaneous Part 3 Charges

Miscellaneous Part 3 Charges are subsection of the local land charges register for planning. A Section 106 Agreement is a planning agreement shown within the Part 3 Charge on a local...

Electric Vehicles Charging Points

Charging points for electric vehicles in York. For further information about electric charging points please visit the...

CIL Residential Charging Zones

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Charging Zones maps for new development in Bath & North East Somerset. These identify the locations and boundaries to which the residential and...