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Bayesian age-depth model for sediment core of Lake Chalco, Mexico (40-0 kcal BP) (NERC Grant NE/S009035/1)

A Bayesian age-depth model was constructed of the radiocarbon dates of the MexiDrill composite core. The age-depth model was produced using rbacon (Blaauw and Christen 2011, Bayesian Analysis 6(3):...

Geochemical data for giant piston core MD04-2832 (Loch Sunart, Scotland) (NERC Grant NE/L501852/1)

Geochemical data for the upper 300cm of giant piston core MD04-2832. Core MD04-2832 was collected from the middle basin of Loch Sunart a fjord on the west coast of Scotland from the research vessel...