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Possession Claim Online

Case management system for claims made through Possession Claim online. Details include personal details of individuals and parties involved, details of items, dwellings, (such as houses, flats) in...

Overtime Claims System

Administration of staff overtime claims.

Pothole claims

A data set which shows the total number of roadway pothole claims and payments made for vehicles, pedestrian injuries and bicycles.

Insurance Claims Management system(ICMS)

Previously operated by Capita now hosted by Iron Mountain: It is used to manage Coal Heath Compensation Claims. It provides historic MI for CLU and its contractors and subcontractor to manage...

Bus Service Operators Grant Claims

Database held on ETHOS used to calculate Bus Service Operators Grant for payment to bus operators. Operator details held are company address, vendor number, contact telephone number and email...

Biosphere Reserves (England)

Biosphere reserves are recognised under UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme with the aim of promoting sustainable development founded on the work of the local community. Once designated,...

Claim crown court defence performance data

This is data on the performance of the Claim crown court defence service. The data is updated each month.

Performance Dashboard Entry Level Stewardship claims

This dashboard shows information about how the Entry Level Stewardship claims service is currently performing. This is a "beta" service. The dashboard shows number of digital transactions, total...

Performance Dashboard Higher Level Stewardship: claims

This dashboard shows information about how the Higher Level Stewardship: claims service is currently performing. This is a "beta" service. The dashboard shows number of digital transactions,...

Housing benefit claims

Data showing the numbers of housing benefit claimants in Plymouth (numbers of households)

Car Parking Claims

Data set showing the annual car parking claims for Leeds City Council staff.

Third Party Claims

Data showing total number of highway claims and payments for carriageway, footway, vehicles, motorcycles and potholes. 'Payments' includes all legal costs, disbursements and compensation. Data is...

Travel and Subsistence Claims

South Lakeland District Council staff and councillor travel and subsistence claims. Published as part of the Local Government Transparency Code 2015.

Unemployment benefit claims

This data has been taken from LGInform at data reference ID 5470 The figures show the numbers of people claiming unemployment benefits aged between 25-49 and...

UK Official Holdings of International Reserves

Monthly breakdown for government's net reserves, detailing gross reserves and gross liabilities. Source agency: HM Treasury Designation: National Statistics Language:...

Local Nature Reserves (England)

Local Nature Reserves (LNRs) are a statutory designation made under Section 21 of the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949 by principal local authorities. Parish and Town Councils...

National Nature Reserves (England)

A National Nature Reserve (NNR) is the land declared under the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949 or Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) as amended. The data does not include...

Nature Reserves

This is a polygon dataset and identifies Nature Reserves within the Maldon District

Mineral Reserves

Mineral Reserves as defined in the Site Specific Policies Local Plan Adopted 12 September 2012. It is important to protect essential mineral infrastructure and safeguard mineral resources from...

TSP 7: UK Reserves and Cadets Strengths

UK reserves and cadets strengths Source agency: Defence Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: TSP 7