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Bus / Coach fares

Bus / Coach fares Data currently held by service operators and therefore not available in a nationally consistent format This data is held by the transport operators

Coach Parking

coach parking bays

National Coach Services (NCSD)

The National Coach Services Database (NCSD) consists of schedule (timetable) data for several mainland UK coach services not contained in the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS). It may therefore be...

Off Street Coach Parks

off street coach parking

National Learner Satisfaction Survey 2009

Underlying data from tables within the suite of National Learner Satisfaction Survey reports [URN 11/708 - URN 11/716].

Evaluation of apprenticeships survey 2012: learners

Survey of 5000 apprentices, or learners, undertaken in late 2011 looking at satisfaction, impact,and additionality. Relates to BIS research paper no. 76 on learners/apprentices.

Bus and Coach Statistics, Scotland

Trends in service provision (vehicle-kilometres), passenger journeys and receipts; availability of services and use for commuting. Source agency: Scottish Government Designation: National...

London Learner Survey

From 1 August 2019, the Secretary of State for Education delegated responsibility for the commissioning, delivery and management of London’s Adult Education Budget (AEB) to the Mayor of...

Post-16 Education: Learner Participation and Outcomes in England

This release has been renamed "Further Education and Skills: Learner Participation, Outcomes and Level of Highest Qualification Held" to reflect that the content of the main report now focusses on...

Adult Learners 2015-16

Adult Learners 2015-16 by Ward and Activity Type

Learner Support Funds

Learner Support Funds, additional monies available to support by exception.

Customer details (including learners' records and exam registrations)

British Council - Details of customers and beneficiaries of the British Council's services. Data held on a variety of systems

Informing choice in post-16 education and learning: parent and learner survey data

Learner survey and parental survey undertaken as part of the Informing Choice in post-16 education and learning research carried out for BIS by York Consulting. Relates to BIS research paper no....

Further Education and Skills: Learner Participation, Outcomes and Level of Highest Qualification Held

Previously published under the name "Post-16 Education", this Statistical First Release covers further education and skills, showing learner participation, outcomes and the level of the highest...

Effective practice in English and maths for adult learners in London

This report, commissioned by the GLA and produced by the Learning and Work Institute, aims to identify barriers to participation and achievement in basic English and maths training (at level 2 and...

National Public Transport Data Repository (NPTDR)

The NPTDR database contains a snapshot of every public transport journey in Great Britain for a selected week in October each year. Data is available for October 2004 to October 2011. This dataset...

OS MasterMap Sites Layer

The OS MasterMap Sites Layer shows you the main points of access to key sites such as schools, hospitals and train stations quickly and easily in emergency situations. You can also identify and...

Public Transport Statistics Bulletin

Bulletin presenting latest annual data for road-based public transport in Great Britain. Contains information for local buses, non-local buses and coaches, light rail, trams and metro...

CSL portal data

Data on learners and use of resources

Bus and Local Transport surveys

Range of surveys on buses and local transport, notably annual Passenger Service Vehicle (PSV) operators survey covering c. 1500 bus and coach operators. Also data on bus fares, reliability, taxis,...