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Connect is an IT tool which enables HMRC to identify potential tax fraud and broader criminal networks with greater speed and efficiency, whilst enabling compliant customers to be processed faster...

Connecting Node

A Connecting Node is a point feature that identifies the point along the Road Link which the Path Link connects to. The Connecting Node has been snapped to a vertex along the Road Link and provides...

Connecting Link

The Road and Path Networks are not topologically structured together. Connecting Links have been introduced to enable a connection between the Road Network and the Path Network without splitting...

Habitat Connectivity

Habitat Connectivity

Security Connect

Links security pass system to DFID Connect to allow staff photos to be uploaded/stored and disassociated.

Transport Connectivity Statistics: England

New experimental statistics presenting travel time data measuring connectivity to key transport destinations (major airports, stations, road junctions and ports) from each area of England, by road...

Stakeholder Management Tool (Connect)

Stakeholder Names, address etc.

Transport Connectivity Travel Time Data

Representative travel times from each small area of England to selected transport destinations (airports, larger rail stations and major road junctions) which are the outputs of journey time...

Estimates of properties not connected to the gas network

Estimates of the number of domestic properties not connected to the gas grid, at region, local authority, Lower Super Output Area (LSOA), Middle Super Output Area (MSOA) levels and parliamentary...

City connect cycle route

Dataset showing the proposed cycle link between Leeds and Bradford. Please note ----------- * This dataset is reviewed annually but will not be updated if no changes have been made. Licence...

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) Defra Connect

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) database for sharing stakeholder information across Defra

Global Connections Survey

Annual Scottish exports statistics for 2002-2008, disaggregated by industry, country of destination and size of company. In addition, statistics for exports from Scotland to the rest of the UK...

Index of Internet Connectivity

Developed the Index of Internet Connectivity as part of a package of measures to help monitor the UK's use of the Internet and the growth of e-commerce. Source agency: Office for National...

Proposed Enhanced Pedestrian Connections (Indicative)

Land protected for pedestrian routes and infrastructure.

Severn Estuary SPA Functionally Linked Land Bird Connectivity

This is a spatial dataset that describes the geographic extent of functionally linked sites, locations and counts (ie.individual records with a unique ID) of Severn Estuary SPA interest species...

Path Link

A Path Link is a linear spatial object that defines the geometry and connectivity of the path network between two points in the network. Path Links will be split for connectivity purposes (for...

Better connected 2010 survey results

Provides headline results from Better connected, Socitm's UK-wide annual survey of the usefulness and usability of all local authority websites.

Water Node

The location where a connected area of permanent water ends, where an area of permanent water is connected to two or more other areas of permanent water, or where a recorded attribute changes for...

Road Link

A Road Link is a linear spatial object that defines the geometry and connectivity of a road network between two points in the network. Road Links can represent single carriageways, dual...

Water Link

A network representation of the general alignment and connectivity of permanent water, including rivers, lakes, and canals.