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Organogram and staff data for ONE

A list of most Senior Civil Service posts in the One North East including title, contact details, their line manager, and where disclosed, the name of the officer. Vacant posts are listed as...

One North East Prompt Payment Data

One North East Prompt Payment Data

One North East Financial Transparency Report

One North East Financial Transparency Report

One-in, one-out: statement of new regulation

Underlying data for the publication of One-in, One-out: Statement of New Regulation [URN 11/P96A + 11/P96B + 12/P96A]

Business Look Up Table (ONS)

Data compiled from the Office of National Statistics matching VAT no, PAYE and Company references

Percentage of asylum applications concluded in one year

The number of asylum applications received, the number of unsubstantiated claims and the number and percentage concluded.

Classes taught by more than one teacher

Number of pupils and average class sizes in classes taught by more than one teacher in maintained primary and secondary schools Source: Department for Education and Skills (DfES) Publisher:...

Number of children provided with one-to-one support by IDAS

Number of children provided with one-to-one support by IDAS *This indicator has been discontinued.

Phase One Ecological Survey Data

The data provided here relates to ecological survey data that has been collected post-environmental statement as part of the construction and delivery of HS2 Phase One (London to West Midlands).

One Way Streets

One way streets in the City of Nottingham.

ONS Output Areas

Simple GeoJSON files for the MSOAs and LSOAs that are part of The City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council. They have been derived from...

One Way Streets

one way streets

NNDR Write-Ons

NNDR Write-ons

NNDR write ons

Accounts where a "write on" has been used to cancel an overpayment which has not been reversed.

One O'Clock Clubs

shows the location of childrens services in lambeth

One Stop Shops

A list of One Stop Shops in Warwickshire, including contact details

Ecosystem Interactions on the Somerset Levels

Report contains data that can be used under Open Government Licence. Following publication of the UK National Ecosystem Assessment in June 2011, and Defra’s promotion of taking an ecosystems...

PRP lettings to one person households , 2012/2013, England, District

The data set shows the number of new Private Registered Providers (PRP) general needs lettings to one person households in 2012/13, also included is the total number of lettings across all sizes...

ONS Open Geography Portal

Link to the ONS Geoportal where KML/Shapefiles etc can be downloaded

One Point Service Hubs

Spatial dataset of One Point Service Hub locations from which services to children and families are co-ordinated, managed and delivered within Durham. Please see One Point family centres and hubs -...