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Withdrawn Coins

Payment and reconciliation of withdrawn coins

Coin Issuance

Coin Issuance report for payments and reconciliation and demand forecasting.

Combined Online Information System

The Combined Online Information System (COINS) is a database about UK Government expenditure, collecting financial data from across the public sector, but not down to transaction level. COINS...

Comparison of original and final budgets 2009-10

Comparison of outturn information with final plans by department for 2009-10, taken from snapshots 31 and 11 (Main Estimate outturn snapshot April 2010 and Spring Supplementary Estimates plans...

Online System for Central Accounting and Reporting - OSCAR

Online System for Central Accounting and Reporting (OSCAR) - is a cross government project to replace the COINS public spending database with a robust, user-friendly system that will provide the...

Public spending outturn series

Time series data going back five years using the full year outturn, showing trend information, taken from snapshot 31 (Main Estimates outturn snapshot April 2010). This is consistent with the...

Rill Cove Finds Project

Rill Cove is located on the south coast of England, near the village of Helston, Cornwall. The principal aim of the project was to produce a record of the objects recovered from the protected wreck...

Asbestos Licence Database

Database was set up in 1997 to record details of all asbestos licences and applications for asbestos licences since 1984. It contains 5543 records for current and previous licence holders – 479...