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Polling District

A polling district is the subdivision of a parliamentary constituency for the purpose of a UK Parliamentary election. Polling districts are not maintained on a regular basis and have mostly been...

Lichfield District Council District Boundary

The district boundary of Lichfield District Council. Captured as a boundary by the Ordnance Survey.

Shepway District Council Polling Districts

Polling districts in Shepway District

OS VectorMap District

OS VectorMap District is a simple vector dataset with a nominal scale of 1:25000 covering the whole of Great Britain that has been designed for creating graphical mapping. The product can be used...

Lichfield District Council Business Improvement District

The Business Improvement District of Lichfield District Council. Captured as boundaries against the Ordnance Survey OSMastermap Imagery layer.

Sevenoaks District Council - Polling District Boundaries

2015 Election Boundaries within the Sevenoaks District.

Lichfield District Council Staffordshire District Boundaries

The Staffordshire District Boundaries covering the Lichfield District Council Area. This data has been sourced from the OS Boundary Line Product. All Data is open source with restricted data removed.

Yearly reports on District Areas

This document gives information on the amount of land managed by Forestry Commission and other data such as woodland area

TDC District Boundary

Teignbridge District Council boundary.

Daventry District Localities

Map showing distinct localities within the Administrative area of Daventry District

District Election Results

This dataset contains details of the Blaby District Council elections, which take place every four years. This information will be updated shortly after each election.

Teignbridge District Boundary

Local authority district boundary.

Ashfield District Allotments

Extents of allotment sites within Ashfield District as polygons.

District election results

Results for elections to elect members of Wycombe District Council. Elections for all seats take place every four years. There are currently 60 seats across 28 wards. Wards are the subdivisions of...

St Albans City and District Council Polling Districts

St Albans City and District Council's polling district boundaries for local and national elections and referendums.

Ashfield District Council Cemeteries

Extents of Cemeteries owned by Ashfield District as polygons.

LP96 Urban District Boundary

The urban district boundary taken from the Teignbridge 1996 Local Plan

Shepway District Council Allotments

Allotment garden sites listed in the Local Development Framework (LDF)

Warwick District Brownfield Register

Warwick District Council's Brownfield Land Register published in December 2017 in accordance with Regulation 18(2) of the Town and Country Planning (Brownfield Land Register) Regulations 2017.

Daventry District Conservation Areas

Sect. 69 of the Planning (Listed Buildings & Conservation Areas) Act 1990.