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Medical Tests

Record of medical tests for Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome and Audiology

Medical Referrals

Anonymous list sent to our medical provider.

Medical Discharge Report

Medical Discharges from the Armed Forces Source agency: Defence Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Medical Discharge

BRNC - Medical - EMIS

Britannia Royal Naval College - Spreadsheet of medical records of all RN personnel serving in Britannia Royal Naval College and to record entries of emergency treatment to civilians.

Drug misuse

Estimated Problem Drug Users (Crack and/or Opiates), Crude Rate, Aged 15-64 Source: The National Treatment Agency Publisher: Association of Public Health Observatories (APHO) Geographies: Local...

Medical and Dental survey

An annual survey of medical and dental students which aims to measure the number of students beginning and completing studies in these areas.

General Medical Practitioners

Current GP Practitioners in England and Wales Contains: Name and address information and identifying codes for General Practitioners (GPs) working in England and Wales. These identifying...

General Medical Practices

GP Practices in England and Wales Contains: Name and address information and identifying codes for GP Practices in England and Wales.

Medical Rehabilitation Personnel Database

A system to allow the staff at Headly Court to manage the flow of patients within the facility.

NI 042 - Perceptions of drug use or drug dealing as a problem

Percentage of people who perceive drug use or drug dealing as a problem in there area.

Drug Intervention Programmes

Shows which elements of DIP operate in which police force areas for 2009-10

Drug Misusing Offenders

Statistics on offending for the cohort of individuals identified during January to March 2009 as Class A drug misusers through their contact with the criminal justice system. Source agency: Home...

Drug misusing offenders

Annual statistics on the proven offending by individuals (aged 18 and over) identified as Class A drug misusing offenders.

Defence Medical Information Capability P

Royal Fleet Auxiliary - Diligence. Medical patient contact records, kept on a restriced database.

NHS Workforce - Medical Staff

Provisional monthly figures for full time equivalent (FTE) NHS Hospital and Community Health Service medical staff working in NHS Trusts and CCGs in England.

General Medical Practitioners - by Practice

General Practitioner’s membership of GP Practices Contains: Mapping of General Practitioner codes (GPs) to the relevant GP Practice or Practices at which they work.

Archived General Medical Practitioners

Archived GP Practitioners (GPs) in England, Wales, Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man. Contains: Name and address information and GNC codes for General Practitioners working in England and...

Approved Medical Examiner of Diving

Contains details of doctors that are appointed in writing by HSE to conduct statutory medicals to assess the fitness to work of divers, which is a regulatory requirement pre-employment and at...

Drug intervention programme: Grants to drug action teams 2007/08 onwards

These files show the main grants for the drug action teams from 2007-08 onwards. Grants are jointly funded (in England) by the Home Office and Department of Health.

Drug Use in Ireland and Northern Ireland Drug Prevalence Survey: First Results

This bulletin presents key findings from the third drug prevalence survey of households in both Ireland and Northern Ireland. Source agency: Health, Social Service and Public Safety (Northern...