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Accident and emergency statistics

Attendances at accident & emergency departments, minor injury units and walk in centres Source: Department of Health (DoH) Publisher: Department of Health Geographies: Primary Care Trust...

Accident and Emergency Activity

A&E activity; total time spent in A&E from arrival to admission, discharge or transfer and waiting for emergency admission through A&E. Source agency: Health Designation: Official...

Rail Commercial Emergency Manual

Emergency Manual for Rail Commercial

Accident & Emergency Care Statistics

This publication presents information on annual activity at emergency care departments in Northern Ireland. It details information on new attendances, planned & unplanned re-attendances,...

Nuclear Emergency Planning Zones

Detailed Emergency Planning Zones for licensed sites in the UK

Business continuity/emergency plans

Business Continuity/Emergency Plans - CD staff contact details. Name, out of hours contact telephone numbers.

Emergency Services

shows the location of emergency service sites in lambeth

Stroke: Emergency hospital admissions

The number of finished and unfinished continuous inpatient spells (CIPS) for patients of all ages with an emergency method of admission and with any of the following primary diagnoses 1)...

Emergency School Closures

Emergency School Closures including school name, closure status, reason and effective dates. Includes data since the system was introduced in 2009 and only where closures were recorded by schools...

Focus on Accident & Emergency (December 2013)

This one-off publication provides a compilation of Accident and Emergency (A&E) data in England, to give a broad picture of the patient journey through A&E. Multiple sources of A&E...

Northern Ireland Emergency Care Waiting Time Statistics

This is the publication of the monthly statistics release on waiting times for all Emergency Care Departments across Northern Ireland Source agency: Health, Social Service and Public Safety...

Provisional Accident & Emergency Quality Indicators for England

This report, generated from Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) A&E data, sets out data coverage, data quality and performance information for the following five A&E indicators: Left...

A&E Attendances and Emergency Admissions Quarterly Report

POSTPONED due to resource issues. We plan to publish a report covering 2014/15 quarters 1 and 2 on 17 October 2014. Please note that this postponement relates to the narrative report only. The...

Emergency Hospital Admissions for Diabetes

This indicator is one measure of the prevention, identification and management of people at risk of developing diabetes and those with the condition. It shows adverse outcomes as annual numbers of...

Afghan Emergency Response Survey

This dataset presents results of a four-weekly questionnaire sent to a cohort of organisations working directly with Afghan communities in London. The first two surveys, beginning October...

YFAS Emergency payments Budget (£)

YFAS Emergency payments Budget (£)

Emergency Department Activity

• Attendances by site type and attendance category (Scotland and NHS Board of treatment). • Attendance and admission rate split by age band and gender (Scotland and NHS Board of treatment). •...

Emergency Department Surveillance

Emergency Department Surveillance

YFAS Emergency payments (£) TOTAL - (YTD)

YFAS Emergency payments (£) TOTAL - (YTD)

NI 134 - The number of emergency bed days per head of weighted population

Emergency bed days would be defined as in year bed days of Finished Consultant Episodes (FCEs) where the admission method is reported as emergency. Data is on a commissioner basis.