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Non-domestic energy efficieny pilot dataset (food retail)

Survey data of energy use in food retail

Energy Flow Chart

Energy production, trade, transformation, energy industry use & loses and consumption data. National Statistics

UK Energy in Brief

Summary of the latest statistics on energy and climate change in the UK. National Statistics Alternative title: UKEiB

Household Energy Efficiency

These statistics include measures installed under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and the Green Deal schemes in Great Britain. It also includes further analysis and geographical breakdowns of...

Quarterly Energy Prices

Quarterly data and statistics on energy prices to domestic and industrial consumers for all the major fuels. National Statistics Alternative title: QEP

Energy Consumption in the UK

Energy Consumption in the United Kingdom’ (ECUK) is an annual statistical publication that provides a comprehensive review of energy consumption and changes in intensity and output since the 1970s,...

UK Energy Sector Indicators

This release has now been discontinued. A range of indicators which aims to provide a headline overview of some of the key developments in the UK energy system. Source agency: Energy and Climate...

Energy Trends: quarterly data

Statistics providing a comprehensive picture of energy production, trade and use in the UK. National Statistics

Energy Saving Advice Service

Data collected at call centre on complaints and referals and advice on energy efficiency.

Energy Certificates

Data to record energy usage and Display Energy Certificates. Updated: as required.

Energy Certificates

Data to record energy usage and Display Energy Certificates. Updated: as required.

Renewable Energy Planning Database (REPD)

The Renewable Energy Planning Database (REPD) tracks the progress of renewable energy projects from planning application, through to consent, construction and operation.

Energy Demand Research Project (EDRP)

Pilot trials (2007-2010) to test the impact of different interventions on energy demand reduction, jointly conducted by energy companies and academics (managed by Ofgem on behalf of Defra/DECC)

Energy Trends and Prices: monthly data

Statistics on energy prices and monthly production, trade and consumption of coal, electricity, gas, oil and total energy in the UK. National Statistics

Retail Frontages

This is a polygon dataset used to identify Retail Frontages and was part of the Adopted Local Plan (1996-2005)

Retail Allocation

Retail Allocation

Retail Allocation

Retail Allocation

Retail Monitoring

The use classes within defined retail boundaries as identified in the Local Plan.

National Energy Efficiency Data-Framework (NEED)

The National Energy Efficiency Data-Framework (NEED) was set up to provide a better understanding of energy use and energy efficiency in domestic and non-domestic buildings in Great Britain. The...

Energy Performance Certificate data - historic (Scotland)

To gain insight into the energy efficiency status of all domestic properties with an EPC in Scotland