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Chargeable Events

Data on UK residents on chargeable Events (e.g. Life Insurance Annuities)

Event Database

Contact list kept for social purposes.Invited guests linked to specific events in the Regional calender.


A list of events taking place in the North Somerset areaas collected by North Somerset and residents using the Discover North Somerset Website

Planned and past events

Details of events of interest to organisations and individuals in the TSB technology areas. Descriptions, locations and timing of events that are relevant to the TSB community. The events may be...

Belfast events

This data set contains information about events taking place in Belfast including date, location, time and a brief description

WCC Events

Events detail for the latest including title, description, location and date information for the last five events added to the database.

What's on events

An excel csv file showing the dates and event titles for the year 2017

Archaeological Events

Archaeological events around the city of York. Some of the records have reports attached to them externally hosted. They can be retrieved by navigating to the url displayed on the relevant...

Events in Parks

A table of events booked in for parks in the London Borough of Barnet

Library Events

Events A library event is an event facilitated or organised by the Barnet Libraries. Each event is listed separately. More information here - Columns Local...

GH Event guest / host data

Names, address and titles of guests at ministerial functions

Forestry Commission Event and Facility use Customer List

A list of individuals who have used Forestry Commission facilities and attended Forestry Commission organised events and concerts.

Library Events and Activities

Details of all of the Children's and Adult's events and activities held by each Calderdale library.

East Staffordshire Events

An RSS feed showing events in East Staffordshire.

Temporary event notices

This dataset contains information about temporary event notices which are one-off permissions granted to people wanting to hold a specific event that involves the activities such as serving food or...

Belfast Events

This data set contains information about events taking place in Belfast Waterfront and Ulster Hall

NHS Inpatient and Outpatient Waiting: Elective Admission Events

Quarterly monitoring of hospital inpatient activity Source agency: Health Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: NHS Inpatient and Outpatient Waiting: Elective...

Events in Parks 2015-16

A table of events booked in for parks in the London Borough of Barnet

Historic Environment Event Record

Archaeological and historic building interventions, investigations and other similar activities (e.g. excavations, field surveys, photographic recording, geophysics etc.) in Cornwall and Scilly are...

Museums and galleries events and exhibitions

Find out what's going on and when at the various museums, halls and houses around Leeds.