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RN Pers SAC Excel D/B

Tracks Royal Navy/Royal Marines Summary Appeal Cases.

Camden Wards Profile (Excel) Jan 2020

Excel data sheet updated wards profile with data sheet and associated graphs.

Excel Mapping Template for London Boroughs and Wards

A free mapping tool that allows you to create a thematic map of London without any specialist GIS skills or software - all you need is Microsoft Excel. Templates are available for London’s Boroughs...

Camden Wards Profile LATEST (Excel within ZIP)

Profile of ward-level indicators from a variety of sources. Excel within Zip file

EU Project: CO2GeoNet - Network of Excellence on CO2 Geological Storage

CO2GeoNet is the European scientific authority dealing with all aspects of geological storage of CO2, durably engaged in enabling the safe and efficient deployment of the CO2 Capture and Storage...

Questions from companies seeking Marketing Authorisations for veterinary medicinal products as part of the assessment process

The General Assessment Team routinely receive queries from companies in relation to Marketing Authorisations. A summary Q&A document is on the VMD website to address generic frequently asked...

NI 139 - The extent to which older people receive the support they need to live independently at home

The measure, based on a survey question to be asked of the whole local population in the Place Survey, seeks to assess how far older people in a locality are getting the support and services they...

Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) claimants

Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) claimants: People under pensionable age who are available for, and actively seeking, work of at least 40 hours a week. Source: Department for Work and Pensions...

BD SO1C - Recruiting Statistics

FLEET CNR - Personal File, Excel Spreadsheet

NI 027 - Understanding of local concerns about anti-social behaviour and crime by the local council and police

This indicator focuses on quality of life issues, specifically with an element of community engagement through asking about seeking peoples views. Understanding and agreeing what priorities are...

DIU Non Operational Schedule

Shows details of all non-operational deaths – held on excel spreadsheet.

DIU File List

Shows names of all deaths, operational and non-operational – held on excel spreadsheet.

DIU Case Officer Database

Shows details of deaths allocated to individual case officers – held on excel spreadsheet.

Employment tenancies

MS Access database on Anaerobic digestion strategy (ADS) applications/payments Database (Access) and Excel spreadsheet for Agricultural Land Tribunals (ALTs) cases and Gangmasters Licensing...

Environmental Management Team Tracking Spreadsheets x 10

Various excel tracking spreadsheets to record the progress of applications, consultees notified and permits issued

Offshore Environmental Inspectorate Tracking Spreadsheets x5

Various excel tracking spreadsheets to record the progress of applications, non compliances, Inspections undertaken, etc.

PS12A Royal Garden Party Spreadsheet 2007-2011

Bespoke MS Excel application to record Army applications to attend Royal Garden Parties at Buckingham Palace.

Brain - Rolling Stock leasing

Collection of confidential (commercial) leasing information taken off rolling stock leases incorporated into a Excel spreadsheet.

DJEP Disclosure Spreadsheets

Bloody Sunday Witness Spreadsheet. This Excel spreadsheet holds contact details for Witnesses required for the Bloody Sunday Inquiry

Archiving Spreadsheets CM, SD/SH, WS

Excel spreadsheets used for the purpose of archiving and retrieving Court Martial, Summary Dealings/Hearing and Warnings/Sanctions case files.