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Work Choice

Work Choice analytical database, used to publish referrals, starts and job outcomes. The database can be used to obtain various information on a participant, such as age, gender, disability...

FE Choices

This release contains 4 performance indicators: learner satisfaction, employer satisfaction, learner destinations, and success rates. The four indicators will be updated at different times during...

NHS England, NHS Choices, Provider Quality Indicators

NHS Choices publishes data that enables members of the public to find the most relevant health provider based on a broad range of criteria, including non-exhaustively: 1) type of provider 2)...

NHS England, NHS Choices, Hospitals, Patient Comments and Ratings

Part of the performance ratings for a service provider on NHS Choices are contributions from patients or carers/relatives of patients at a particular organisation. The data files included here...


Administration of expenses and advances incurred through official travel.

Climate change and transport choices

SPSS dataset containing the anonymised responses from the survey conducted to inform the development of the DfT segmentation model of public attitudes to climate change and transport choices.

National Patient Choice Survey

Monitors patient awareness of choice and recall of having been offered a choice of hospital for their first outputpatient appointment. Source agency: Health Designation: Official Statistics not...

Work Choice Official Statistics

Work Choice is a specialist disability employment programme which provides employment support to clients who, by reason of disability, cannot be supported through mainstream employment programmes....

Care Information Choices

Data on patient opt-out information received from GP Practices. There are two types of opt-out: * A type 1 opt-out prevents information being shared outside a GP practice for purposes other...

Disclosure of Expenses and Hospitality

Disclosure of expenses and hospitality

FE Choices

FE Choices provides clear, comparable information to learners and employers to make informed choices about post 16 further education and training based on the following performance indicators:...

The National Archives - Directors' Expenses

This document shows all expenses claimed by our directors from April 2009. All travel was in economy class.

DH Business Expenses

Information on business expenses of all DH permanent secretaries, director generals and non-executive directors. This relates to costs that have been incurred in pursuit of the department’s aims...

Directors Expenses in National Savings and Investments

A quarterly list of all National Savings and Investment Directors hospitality and expenses, as part of the Government commitment to transparency in expenditure.

Director and senior management team expenses

Serious Fraud Office directors and senior mangement team business expenses, gifts, travel and meetings quarterly returns.

Taxable Benefits in Kind and Expense Payments

Information about the taxable benefits in kind paid by employers, including the number of recipients, the taxable value of the benefits and tax and NIC liabilities on them. Previously listed under...

Choice Based Lettings Bids

The data shows property and bid information for homes advertised by the London Borough of Camden on the Home Connections website.

DWP Flight expenses 2011

Air Travel Data from May to Dec 2011. Includes cost, ticket class, departure date, journey from and to, supplier. Does not contain personal information.

Senior staff expenses

These datasets show the expense claims of HEFCE senior staff – these are staff at director-level and above. Monthly summary data for individuals is provided under categories of spend such as rail,...

GP Earnings and Expenses

The GP Earnings and Expenses Enquiries (EEQs) provide a detailed study of the earnings and expenses of both contractor and salaried GPs in the UK. The reports are agreed by the Technical Steering...