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Betting and Gaming Factsheet

The Betting and Gaming Factsheet provides information on betting and gaming duties and it contain historic series for the amount of duty collected, and the amount of betting and lottery stakes in...

Betting and Gaming Bulletin

Provides a full historic series of data detailing the amount of revenue collected from betting and gaming. In addition the bulletin provides information on duty rates with notes and commentary on...

School games

Annual figures on cost per pupil of school games Source agency: Culture, Media and Sport Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National Statistics Language: English Alternative...

Gambling Accounting Centre data (GAC)

Betting, gaming and lottery duties returns. Updated: regularly.

Gambling Accounting Centre data (GAC)

Betting, gaming and lottery duties returns. Updated: monthly.

FSA Audits of Approved Meat Establishments

FSA audits of approved meat establishments (slaughterhouses, cutting plants and game handling establishments) in Britain

World Explorer Premium

More detailed (than standard ESRI GIS) mapping data for the world

Authorisations Held by FSA Staff

A snap-shot of the numbers of FSA inspection staff (Official Veterinarians and Meat Hygiene Inspectors) designated for red meat, poultry and wild game.

Flood Plan Explorer

The Flood Plan Explorer is an online map-based system designed to hold measures associated with the Flood Risk Management Plans. The measures can contain both text and spatial data. Measures can be...

Shoreline Management Plan Explorer

Shoreline Management Plan Explorer (SMP Explorer) is an online digital and map based system to hold the details of shoreline management plans around the coast of England. SMP-Explorer was developed...

Efficiency in the higher education sector: technical exploration

The efficiency scores, as shown in the historgrams, that are derived from the econometric analysis.

DCMS planned expenditure baseline allocations for 2011-2012

This data set breaks down how our funding settlement will be allocated for the 2011/12 financial year, across our key programmes and activities (excluding expenditure on the Olympic and Paralympic...

York Explore Contracts

This dataset contains redacted contracts for York Explore libraries

Large businesses and SMEs: exploring how SMEs interact with large businesses

This data describes small and medium enterprise (SME) relationships with large businesses and how these affect SME growth. Provides evidence for a report on the factors that affect growth in medium...

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Library Visits - York Explore

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Library Visits - Acomb Explore

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