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VAT Information Exchange System

EC Sales Lists data & acquisition data on goods & services (services with effect from 2010)

VAT Information Exchange System (VIES)

EC Sales Lists data & acquisition data on goods & services (services with effect from 2010)

Weapons Information Exchange System

To fulfil EC Directive 91/47/EEC, to let EU countries know firearms, ammunition and component parts of weapons are being imported/exported to/from their country and to let the UK HMRC know that...

Dwellings let through mutual exchanges

The Housing Strategy Statistical Appendix (HSSA) is a statistical return to support the LA's annual Housing Strategy. It is mainly basic and policy orientated data on all tenures within each local...

FRAME (Fine Resolution Atmospheric Multi-pollutant Exchange)

The FRAME model calculates the deposition of sulphur and nitrogen at both standard (5 km) and high (1 km) resolution across the UK. The results are used to calculate the exceedance of critical...

Statistics from the Northern Ireland Needle and Syringe Exchange Scheme

This bulletin summarises information on people visiting the Needle and Syringe Exchange Scheme and relates to the year ending 31 March. Source agency: Health, Social Service and Public Safety...

Soil CO2 exchange data from the Alice Holt plantation tower (2012-2016)

These data give the approximately fortnightly measurements of soil CO2 efflux in the Straits Inclosure, Alice Holt Forest, Hampshire, UK. The site is a mature productive oak (Quercus robur L.)...

Greenhouse Gas exchange data from Flanders Moss forest with associated temperature and soil water data

The effect of tree (lodgepole pine) planting with and without intensive drainage on soil greenhouse gas (GHG) fluxes was assessed after 45 yr at a raised peatbog in West Flanders Moss, central...

Explanations beyond exchange rates

Economic theory suggests that a country's trade balance should increase following a depreciation of its currency, due to the effect on the relative price of its exports and imports. This article...

Net CO2 exchange, evaporation and heat flux data from Alice Holt plantation tower (1999-2012)

Net CO2, evaporation and heat flux data have been collected at the Alice Holt Flux tower since 1999, these data are used in combination with the data set ‘Meteorological and climatological data...

Number of council homes let by direct exchange - (YTD)

Number of council homes let by direct exchange - (YTD)

Overseas Fiscal Authorities (OFA)

Data on UK residents received from OFA under OECD Exchange of Information (Not EUSD)

Cambridgeshire Policy Challenges: Cambridge University Science and Policy Exchange (CUSPE)

A selection of research projects investigating policy challenges across Cambridgeshire


EU Radiological Data Exchange Platform

Database Army HIVE

Database of Army Help Information Volunteer Exchange (HIVE) details.

Survey data of scientists on knowledge exchange in critical zone and geoscience

Survey data on knowledge exchange experience of both Chinese and British scientists working on critical zone and more broadly on geoscience. Data are drawn from questionnaire surveys to explore the...

Building Regulations Research Programme Programme Management System (PMS)

PMS is an on-line project management tool / database that manages documents, contracts and outline financial information on Building Regulations research contracts and controls the access and...

Research & Development spatial data tool

BEIS and Nesta have co-developed a research and development (R&D) spatial data tool to allow users to access, visualise and compare indicators that show the scale of R&D systems at a...

Catchment Based Approach Evaluation Survey

Catchment Based Approach Evaluation 2014 questionnaire gathering evidence and identifying good practice and lessons learnt emerging from the catchment partnerships to facilitate knowledge exchange...

Data Sharing Register

This dataset is an abridged version of the Information Management and Security Team log of Data Sharing Agreements. The log is used to record, track and report on the various data sharing...