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Financial Data

Ofqual's financial data comprises records related to the expenditure of the organisation i.e. purchase orders, payments, accruals, receipts, etc.

Greening Government Commitments for the Defra Estate

This dataset underpins how Defra is changing its energy use to bring about sustainable improvements in efficiency and performance as part of it Greening Government commitment.

Tonnage Tax Training Commitment database

List of trainee cadets with number of months they have been training against the Company name to ensure that Companies are fulfilling their training requirements.

LDP Residential Commitment

Committed Housing Sites (with planning permission 01/04/2015) shown in the Adopted Powys LDP (2011 - 2026) The Powys Local Development Plan (2011-2026) was adopted by Powys County Council on the...

Housing Committed Sites

North Dorset District Council Article 4 Land

Housing Commitments 2015

Data on housing commitments in the 5 Cambridgeshire Districts, gather and cleaned by CCC Research and Monitoring team.

Employment Sites and Commitments

Layer showing Employment Sites and Commitments from the Part 2 Local Plan adpopted in October 2019

LDP Commitments

Commitments dataset included in the Brecon Beacons National Park Local Development Plan.

Carbon Reduction Commitment Performance Data

This dataset has now been Retired as it has been replaced by 'Information for each Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) participant'...

Carbon Reduction Commitment Reporting Data

PLEASE NOTE: This dataset has been superseded by: “Information for each Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) participant “. This record is for Approval for Access (AfA) product AfA454. Data drawn...

MANTIS Financial data

Financial transitions before current system went live in November 2009

Financial information

Held on Access Dimensions and Asset Manager, with FocalPoint as the ‘front-end’ self-service end of the database

Allerdale Policy Housing Commitment

Planning Policy under the published 1999 Local Plan of sites Committed for potential housing development. Sites expressed as polygons and captured from OS mastermap

Cambridgeshire Housing Commitments 2017

Number of formal dwelling commitments at 31/03/2017, which includes those with planning permissions (not yet complete) or those allocated for development. Worksheet includes data by district,...

Financial information for Franchise Agreements

Financial information and other supporting information for TOC Franchise Agreements

Government Secure Intranet (GSI) Personal Commitment Statements (PCS)

Government Secure Intranet (GSI) Personal Commitment Statements (PCS)  is an application for internal Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) use only. It is used by all new IT...

Financial Forecasting System

Financial Forecasting System (Go-Live Sept 2010). In house development (sharepoint) to support financial management for budget managers and finance. No personal data.

FCA: Financial promotions data 2022

The FCA analyses data, between 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2022, resulting from action taken against authorised firms breaching financial promotion rules and referrals and investigations into...

FCA: Financial promotions data 2023

The FCA analyses, and provides insights on the data, between 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023, resulting from action taken against authorised firms breaching financial promotion rules and...

FCA: Financial promotions data 2021

This is the first time that the FCA has published a full year of data and shows that it has intervened in 564 financial promotions last year that were in breach of current rules. Last year, the...