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National Archives - Visitors

We currently collect data regarding the number of visitors to The National Archives. The link below provides a breakdown of these visitors. The number for readers represents the total number of...

Student visitors

Research into the student visitors route which allows people to visit the UK for up to six months to undertake a short course of study. The research investigates who is using this growing...

Visitor numbers

Statistics for numbers of visitors to the Museum and it branches.

Visitor survey data

Statistical information from surveys of visitor reactions and satisfaction.

NHS Workforce - Health Visitors

The minimum data set (MDS) collection for health visiting (HV) provides the number of full time equivalent (FTE) health visitors employed by all NHS organisations, Local Authorities and Social...

Visitor numbers (live data)

Information about visitor numbers to the Museum

Website visitor survey - 2013

external Survey on customer satisfaction regarding EA website Attribution statement: © Environment Agency copyright and/or database right 2016. All rights reserved.

Visitor economy data

A dataset providing visitor economy data In Leeds, including number of days visited, expenditure, visitor profiles and purpose of visit.  Further information ------------------- For further...

London Visitor Perceptions

Visitor expectation and experience ratings Visitor expectation and experience ratings. > [This dataset is included in the Greater London Authority's Night Time Observatory. Click here to find...

Tourism - Visitors to Attractions

This dataset shows how many people visited Attractions in Lincolnshire by calendar year. Visitor numbers for a wide range of attractions are shown, along with other key information such as...

Total Number of Visitors to Joint Support Unit Northwood

The total number of visitors to Joint Support Unit (JSU) Northwood and whether they were MOD visitors or contractors and whether they required car passes.

Leeds visitor centre footfall

Data showing numbers of visitors to the Leeds Visitor Centre. Please note ----------- * Jan-May 1995 figures are for Wellington Street centre, Gateway opened at the end of May * June 2008...

Visitor Information Centre Footfall

Visitor Information Centre Footfall *This indicator has been discontinued

External visitors to the UKHO Archive

Please note that this data set is not maintained. The data shown in the tab "Visitors to the UKHO Archive" represents two data sets. The first shows how many external visitors used the Archive...

Welfare Support Visitor Database

Details of Veterans Welfare Staff expense claims

Database of English Visitor Attractions

A database of all English visitor attractions which VE is aware of, compiled to use as sample in the Annual Survey of Visits to Visitor Attractions

England Survey of Visits to Visitor Attractions

Annual official statistic measuring the number of visits to English visitor attractions. Results are published in August each year. Key survey deliverables include a powerpoint report (currently...

Leeds international film festival visitor location data

This dataset provides details of the number of visitors to the Leeds International Film Festival and their locations. Please note ----------- The postcodes provided are for the individual...

Library Visitor figures April 2014 to March 2015

The Borough has 14 Libraries which have received over 1.5 million visitors during the the year. For more information visit the Barnet Libraries webpage

Food Hygiene Ratings website traffic

A breakdown of the Food Hygiene Ratings website traffic data showing total number of visits, unique visitors and page views.