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Cycle Hire

London cycle hire stations

Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Statistics

Statistics on taxis and Private Hire Vehicles Source agency: Transport Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Statistics

Cycle Hire and Hub Locations

This dataset contains approximate locations of Cycle Hub (cycle storage) and Cycle Hire facilities.

Taxi & Private Hire Licensing

Link to Licensing details page for Taxi and Private Hire Vehicles, Drivers and Operators.

Taxi & Private Hire Licensing

Link to Licensing details page for Taxi and Private Hire Vehicles, Drivers and Operators.

London Cycle Hire Scheme

shows location of cycle routes and cycle hire stations in lambeth

Parking Places (Scooters/Cycle Hire)

Scooter parking place

Taxi and private hire vehicle licences

The reports list all vehicles licensed as a taxis/private hire by Cheltenham Borough Council including registration number, make, model and date licensed from and to. Publication of these lists...


Hire Vehicles, Vehicle Management, Fuel statistics

Belfast Bike Hire Stations

This dataset contains locational data on Belfast Bike Hire Stations

Leeds private hire operator licences issued

All current private hire operators licences (including operator licences that do not currently have any vehicles or drivers associated with them). This dataset is updated weekly

Taxi and private hire licences - total number

Breakdown of the number of each type of taxi and private hire licence issued in Leeds

Marine Management Organisation Office Locations

The shapefile shows the locations of MMO marine offices.

Marine Management Organisation Marine Areas

MMO Marine Areas showing geographical areas of jurisdiction within the MMO internally. This dataset replaces MMO 'Regions' or 'Districts'.

Cash Management

A rolling 12 months of cash receipts broken down by month and income stream.

Belfast Bike Hire Rentals and Returns

This data set contains information on Belfast bike hire rentals and returns by station, and grouped by month and year

Marine Management Organisation Marine Plan Areas

The 'Marine Plan Areas' are 11 sub-areas of the 'English inshore and offshore marine planning regions'. The marine plan authority (the Secretary of State in England) is responsible for preparing...

Marine Management Organisation Evidence Project Register

This is a list of evidence projects Marine Management Organisation (MMO) has undertaken including currently ongoing commissions.

Marine Management Organisation Master Data Register

This catalogue is known as the MMO Master Data Register (MDR) and it currently contains information to support our business and our regulatory and decision-making functions. The MDR is a key...

Marine Management Organisation Land with Sea Views

This layer has been developed in order to understand the extent of intervisibility in the Marine Plan Areas (as defined by the Marine Management Organisation) and the adjacent land onshore (in...