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Certificates of Immunity GIS Data

GIS spatial data for Certificates of Immunity. Certificates of Immunity are represented by a polygon defining the extent of the area covered by the Certificate. The Secretary of State may, on...

Immune suppression

Optimization of biological control strategies through disruption of pest immune responses

Immune Suppression (Insect Pests)

Development of a novel, environmentally-friendly strategy for controlling insect pests through targeted disruption of key pest defence processes

Carcinus maenas (green shore crab) transcriptome

The green shore crab, Carcinus maenas, is used widely in biomonitoring, ecotoxicology and for studies into host-pathogen interactions. It is also an important invasive species in numerous global...

Environmental conditions at saiga calving and die-off sites in Kazakhstan, 1979 to 2016

This dataset describes environmental conditions at 135 Saiga antelope calving sites (from a total of 214) in Kazakhstan where the predictor variables required for the modelling were available at...