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Energy Follow Up Survey (EFUS) Interview data - 18 datasets

One-off detailed energy use survey - reporting on type and patterns of main and secondary heating systems, water heating system and usage and dwelling insulation information

European Health Interview Survey

Eurostat requirement

Policy interviews on trypanosomiasis in Zambia, 2013

This resource contains anonymised policy interviews on trypanosomiasis in Zambia from 2013 conducted by Catherine Grant (Institute of Development Studies) and Noreen Machila (University of Zambia,...

UKTI Performance and Impact Monitoring Survey (PIMS)

The client surveys involve client interviews that give evidence for the quality of service UKTI provides to business. It is completed by an independent market research company specialising in...

Contact Centre Database (CCD)

Monthly data sets with interview data from contact centre customers. Updated: monthly/quarterly/six monthly and annual datasets. Data coverage: 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14

FSA and Official Controls: Research with Food Business Operators Survey

A mixed methods research study to understand the views and experiences that FBOs have of the FSA and Official Controls. This dataset includes the data gathered from survey interviews conducted with...

Image Library

DFID media store of images, interviews, etc.

DCM (business) - Audio recordings of focus group discussions and cognitive interviews

Questionnaire development

Policy and community interviews on trypanosomiasis in Hurungwe District, Zimbabwe (2012-2013)

This resource contains anonymised interviews with community members in Chundu Ward, Hurungwe District, Zimbabwe, conducted to further our understanding of how the local community interacts with...

Independent Monitoring Board Appointments Files

HR type information relating to appointment of IMB Members, eg Application forms, interview panel forms, security forms, Ministerial Submissions

i-grasp (MoJ Recruitment Database)

Recruitment database containing details of those applying for jobs in the Ministry of Justice. This database also includes details of those involved in the interviewing process where applicable.

Income Support Lone Parent Regime

Quarterly statistics on the number of Work Focused Interviews attended by, and number of sanctions applied to, Income Support Lone Parent...

DCM (Census and Social) - Audio recordings of focus group discussions and cognitive interviews

Questionniare development and/or standard qualitative research

Children’s experience and attitudes towards the police, personal safety and public spaces: Findings from the 2009/10 British Crime Survey interviews with children aged 10 to 15. Supplementary Volume 3 to Crime in England and Wales 2009/10

This supplementary volume explores topics from the 2009/10 British Crime Survey interviews with children aged 10 to 15, providing analysis of children’s contact with and attitude to the police,...

Interview data to assess BRAVE project impact (NERC Grant NE/M008983/1)

This set of data is the second set of impact interviews conducted with the target communities of the BRAVE project. The interviews are transcriptions in Microsoft word. The communities involved in...

Evaluation interviews on flood resilience improvement from communities in the Katakwi District, Uganda, 2020

This dataset contains responses to a set of evaluation questions on flood resilience improvement within communities in the Katakwi District, Uganda. This data were created as part of the NIMFRU...

HSE website annual survey

Online customer satisfaction surveys of HSE’s website visitors have been conducted in 2010, 2011 and 2013, by a HSE appointed supplier; the research company Join the Dots. Survey results are...

School Food Head Teachers' and School Senior Managers' Perceptions Survey

The survey was undertaken on behalf of the Department for Education by NatCen. The survey took place in the Spring Term 2013, with telephone interviews completed with head teachers, acting head...

Crime in England and Wales 2009/10: Supplementary Tables: Nature of burglary, vehicle-related theft, bicycle theft, other household theft, personal and other theft, vandalism and violent crime

The tables are based on the findings from BCS interviews conducted in the 2009/10 financial year and give a picture of the nature of burglary, vehicle-related theft and violent crime. They also...

Family Resources Survey Main Dataset

The Family Resources Survey collects information on the incomes and circumstances of private households in the United Kingdom. This survey is used for analysing the distribution of incomes,...