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Data on building passes

Names of staff holding building access passes and the pass number

Fish passes

Spatial layer flood risk structures. Attribute of fish pass.


Spatial layer flood risk structures. Attribute of fish pass. This is an asset sub type in AIMS. It is part of the "AIMS Structure" dataset and should be recorded at this level. Therefore this...

Big Issue Invest CSV Social Investment Statistics

Data about investments in social programmes by Big Issue Invest. This data set relates to the Corporate Social Venturing (CSV) programme which is run by Big Issue Invest and the following...

Pass Production & Records

Records of individuals with passes to gain entry to Agency buildings

Access Control/Staff Passes


Register of Pass Plus Instructors

Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) Requirement for registration - Pass Plus website - Driving Standards Agency 3/03/13 - asset contains personal data about Pass Plus qualified ADIs including contact...

Certificates of Competence and Slaughter Licences Issued

Number of Slaughter Licences and Certificates of Competence issued by year. Please note that Welfare Legislation changed in 2014 in Wales and 2015 in England which removed the issue of Slaughter...

Ecosystems Interactions - Scaling issues

Report contains data that can be used under Open Government Licence. The project seeks to define key interactions between ecological systems which need to be taken into account for decision making...

Library issues

Weekly issues by library from January 2018.

Save and approve issue - test1

this is a test record for the save an approve issue Attribution statement: © Environment Agency copyright and/or database right 2015. All rights reserved.

UK entry clearance visas issued overseas

UK entry clearance visas issued overseas, by purpose and length. Excludes visitor and transit visas.

CIO-DSAS Accreditation Certificates Issued List

List of accreditation certificates issued with details and date issued. Used to produce certificate number which is based on running number (Acc Team 7, serial , of CIO-DSAS Information Asset...

Performance Dashboard Issues of Export Health Certificates

This dashboard shows information about how the Issues of Export Health Certificates service is currently performing. This is a "beta" service. The dashboard shows number of digital transactions,...

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) Security - Passholders records

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) record of all staff, contractors and regular visitors issued with proximity passes

Blue Badges issued

Number of Blue Badges issues in Leicester City annually.The data will be updated quarterly.

Library Issues by Collection

This Calderdale libraries dataset gives total issue numbers per collection. The data is broken down into financial year and is a total for all libraries.

Child Poverty Issues

Income Deprivation affecting Children Score and Rank from Indices of Multiple Deprivation 2007, by SOA. This score shows the proportion of children aged 0-15 years living in income deprived...

Reported highways issues

Map of Highway issues reported to Neighbourhood Partnerships, using the Traffic Choices website. The website keeps a record of issues ready to be considered by partnerships, and how they are...

Fit notes issued by GP practices

Experimental data on electronic fit notes issued in general practices in England and covers the period from 1 December 2014, when these data became available, to 31 March 2017. The Statement of...