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PC and laptop logins

This dataset shows all PC and laptop logins for Leeds City Council staff at all its main locations broken down hourly. For Information --------------- * AP indicates Access Point, which is...

Lost, stolen and recovered mobiles, laptops and removable media

These tables present annual figures for lost, stolen and recovered blackberries, mobile phones, laptops and removable media at the Home Office, from 2005 onwards. .

ETHOS Remote Access Service (RAS) User database

Contains details of all Department for Transport central staff who have been issued with a laptop to enable them to use the ETHOS Remote Access Service. The database contains the following details:...

ICT equipment

A list of council ICT equipment, for example laptops and computers.

Review of hedonic quality adjustment in UK consumer price statistics and internationally

Hedonic quality adjustment was first introduced in the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) in 2003 for PCs. Since then the use of hedonics has expanded in UK consumer price statistics to include a further...

Creative Enterprise Zones (CEZ) data repository

The data contained in this repository relates to London's Creative Enterprise Zones. It can be used to review job and business data for each CEZ, as well as several other creative areas across...