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Formal complaints made to HMRC. Updated: monthly.

Police Complaints: Statistics for England and Wales

Statistics on complaints recorded by police forces in England and Wales. The findings in these reports concern the number and type of complaints made by members of the public and how these...

Service Complaints

RNAS Yeovilton. Equality and Diversity files complaint Documentation which is held electronically and in some instances in hard copy. Completed cases are scanned and saved as records.


The list of formal complaints received and their resolution process.

National Archives - Customer complaints

Feedback from customers using the services of the National Archives

Complaints About Schools

The Department for Education is committed to continuous improvement in its handling of complaints about schools. The completed report covers complaints that relate to state funded schools...

Police complaints by ethnicity

Police complaints received, by police force area and ethnic appearance of complainant Source: Ministry of Justice (MoJ) Publisher: Ministry of Justice Geographies: Police Force Area Geographic...

National Archives Customer Feedback and Complaints

Provided information about customer feedback and complaints for the National Archives from April 2013.

Formal Complaints about the Food Standards Agency

Complaints about the Food Standards Agency handled under stage 1 to 3 of the formal complaints process.

Complaints data about DWP

Volume of complaints recorded in DWP at each stage of the complaint escalation process

Injurious Weeds complaints in England

Number and location of injurious weeds complaints made in England, Source: Derived from data gathered by the Weeds team in Natural England.

Historic service complaints

Table showing number of service complaints each approved regulator received during the three year period ending 31 December 2009 used to calculate regulators' shares of annual Office for Legal...

Clinical incidents and complaints

Statutory information collected for regulatory purpose

National Archives Customer Feedback and Complaints: 2012-13

Details of Customer Feedback and Complaints - The National Archives Public Services

IPCC public confidence survey

Measures trends in public confidence concerning the complaints system. The survey asks about: contact with the police; willingness to complain; barriers against complaining; ways in which members...

Complaints and Compliments

Complaints and compliments received, including section, time period, and outcome and resolution timescales (for complaints)  This data is also used to populate the [Complaints and compliments...

Data on written complaints in the NHS

The NHS complaints procedure is the statutorily based mechanism for dealing with complaints about NHS care and treatment and all NHS organisations in England are required to operate the procedure....

Deaths during or following police contact: Statistics for England and Wales

The report presents figures on deaths during or following police contact which occurred in the reporting year. It provides a definitive set of figures for England and Wales and an overview of the...

Respond - Independent Case Examiner Complaints Database

Database containing details of clients who have made formal complaints about DWP Agencies and some private sector providers contracted by DWP to deliver services. Information recorded includes:...

Complaints Received by HSC Trusts in Northern Ireland

This statistical release summarises information collected on complaint issues received by the 6 HSC Trusts in Northern Ireland, including the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service. Source agency:...