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Spend over £500 Leasehold Advisory Service

A list of spend over £500 made by the Leasehold Advisory Service, updated monthly, as part of the government's commitment to transparency in expenditure.

Car Leasehold

This Dataset contains information on the cars leased to the officers at the Council and the renewal date of the lease.

Repairs and Leaseholder Charges

Repairs and Leaseholder Charges

Leasehold Land and Property

Leasehold land and property owned and/or used by Shropshire Council

Repairs and Charges to Leaseholders 2015/16

Details of all repairs carried out to leasehold property blocks and their subsequent charge per property

National Polygon Dataset

HM Land Registry’s National Polygon dataset is a subset of HM Land Registry's Index Map containing the freehold and leasehold registration indexing for England and Wales. Every title, whether...

Title Descriptor dataset

HM Land Registry’s Title Descriptor dataset describes the estate or interest and class of title (freehold/leasehold) conferred on each registered estate or interest in England and Wales. This data,...

Title Number and UPRN Look Up dataset

HM Land Registry’s Title Number and UPRN Look Up dataset contains title numbers and associated Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRNs) for freehold and leasehold land and property registered in...

Registered Leases

HM Land Registry Registered Leases data contains entries made in the Title Register that record key details from lease documents. A lease is a contract whereby a landlord grants possession of land...

Land ownership

Data showing all the freehold and leasehold land ownership of Plymouth City Council.

Local Authority

*** THIS DATA IS UPDATED DAILY *** This service uses Local Authority data from the electronic Property Mapping Service (e-PIMS). In most cases this is linear, showing the location of an asset...

household characteristics

tenure trends at national and regional levels; cross-tenure comparisons of characteristics of households and their accommodation; overcrowding and under-occupation; need for specially adapted...

Designated car parks

Designated car parks are areas of land set aside for parking, within an established parking area. Designated car parks are for the exclusive use of tenants and leaseholders.

NNPA Land and Property Assets

Northumberland National Park Authority's freehold and leasehold estate.

Allerdale Land Dedication Land Charge

Land Dedications recorded as a Land Charge and expressed as a polygon extent. Section 16 of the Countryside and Rights of Way (CROW) Act 2000 Act gives landowners and long leaseholders the...

Camden housing estates (with 20 or more units) with locations

This dataset gives locations for all Camden Housing Estates with 20 or more units (tenanted, leasehold or non-residential) in the national grid (easting/northing) format and latitude and longitude....

Barnet Housing Management Agreement

Established in 2004, Barnet Homes is an Arm’s Length Management Organisation (ALMO), a not-for-profit company, part of The Barnet Group which is wholly owned by the Council. The 10-year Management...

Council Asset Register

The data includes: unique property identification number (UPRN) address asset category: operational or non-operational ("operational" means assets held for service delivery and not held for...

One Public Estate Open Data

Freehold and Leasehold assets - Land and/or buildings that Bradford Council own or lease. NOTE: Some of the assets are leased to a third party who will have maintenance responsibilities. Some of...

Land and Property Assets

Land and Property Assets owned or managed by Bath and North East Somerset Council. Each asset has a unique property reference and a brief summary of what the asset consists of is listed. The...