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Speed Limits

Speed limits within North Somerset.

Allerdale Settlement Limit

Settlement limit defined as a polygon extent defines the area of urban population centers used for planning policy and constraints.

Bridge Weight Limits

A list of bridges and their weight limits

Twenty mph limits

Areas where the default speed limit is 20mph and where 20mph speed limits are proposed.

Limiting long term illness

Data showing limiting-long term illness in Plymouth.

20mph Speed Limit Areas

Areas in Calderdale which have a 20 mph speed limit. .Tab files (zipped) and .JSON files contain data which can be used in various Geographic information systems. Excel and CSV formats do...

Limit of Sustainable Residential Development

This dataset consists of the boundaries of all Areas of Potential Intensification (API) within the London Borough of Sutton. APIs (formerly called sustainable residential quality or SRQ areas) are...

Enigma CCTV Limited Contract

Enigma CCTV Limited is a three year contract 1st September 2022 to 31st August 2025 Contract is to provide CCTV Monitoring services for Public Safety and the Library Service.  The Committee Report...

Speed Limiter Tacho

Contains records of Tachograph and Speed limiter approved centres.

Coastal Cell Limits

DAERA commissioned Ulster University to undertake a Historical Shoreline Analysis project of the Northern Ireland coastline.A key requirement of the Historical Shoreline Analysis Project was to...

Fish stocks around the UK fished within safe biological limits

Fish stocks around the UK fished within safe biological limits: 1990 to 2010. If you require the datasets in a more accessible format, please contact

Scarborough Borough Council Development Limits

Extents of Development Limits in the Borough of Scarborough as polygons. Subject to Ordnance Survey Licensing. See...

Mendip District Council Development Limits

This dataset outlines Mendip District Councils development Limits A “Development Limit” is the edge of the area in which development is considered appropriate as part of the built up area....

Limiting long term illness or disability (%)

Limiting long term illness or disability (%)

NI 116 - Proportion of children in poverty

Proportion of dependent children in a Local Authority who live in households whose equivalised income is below 60% of the contemporary national median. "National Indicator" datasets such as this...

Civil and Criminal Jurisdiction Limit

The Civil and Criminal Jurisdiction Limit

Scottish Adjacent Waters Limit

The Scottish Adjacent Waters limit

Wales Adjacent Waters Limit

Wales Adjacent Waters Limit

UK 12M fish limit

The 12 mile fish limit

UK 6M fish limit

The 6 mile fish limit