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School preferences and offers

This is a statutory return from local authorities giving figures for the number of applications they receive for a place in secondary school, and how many of the offers made were of a preferred...

Primary Preferences

This data set shows the number of preferences made to each Primary School in Leeds for reception and junior school places.

Preferred Industrial Locations

Polygon layer of preferred industrial locations (PIL) mapped as part of the Authority’s Local Development Framework

Secondary School Preferences

This data set shows the number of preferences, for admission to secondary school in September, each school received during the annual cycle school admissions process.

Sandeel Preferred Habitats

Sandeel Data

Cash Management

A rolling 12 months of cash receipts broken down by month and income stream.

Marine Management Organisation Marine Areas

MMO Marine Areas showing geographical areas of jurisdiction within the MMO internally. This dataset replaces MMO 'Regions' or 'Districts'.

Marine Management Organisation Office Locations

The shapefile shows the locations of MMO marine offices.

Historic preference percentages for admissions rounds

This dataset details the breakdown of preferences allocated their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th preference for previous admissions rounds - when applications are received for York children starting...

Primary School Preferences and Allocations by School

Number of preferences and allocations for reception class by school in Calderdale primary schools (academies and local authority maintained schools); the data is published annually. [**Other...

Secondary School Preferences 2011-2015

Data showing the secondary school preferences in Calderdale for 2011-2015.

Borough Preferred Option Projection Reports

Latest ward projections of the borough from the GLA 2015 Round Borough Preferred Option (BPO) projections. The model and methodology are identical to that to produce the interim 2015-based...

Engineering and Asset Management

Includes monitoring, enforcement and policy development

Workforce Management Information

Management information on the number of staff working in Ofgem, including associated paybill costs.

Management Development Programme

list of participants progress in the programme

Workforce management information

This workforce management and related information is being published as part of the government's commitment to transparency. These figures are not official statistics. They are internal workforce...

Cost management and efficiency

Performance Management Reporting on cost management and efficiency.

Contract Management data

Information relating to contracts managed by HMRC for the provision of property and services. Updated: monthly.

Cost management and efficiency

Performance Management Reporting on cost management and efficiency.

Marine Management Organisation Land with Sea Views

This layer has been developed in order to understand the extent of intervisibility in the Marine Plan Areas (as defined by the Marine Management Organisation) and the adjacent land onshore (in...